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[Bad Research Hall of Shame] "Mental illness not to blame for gun violence, study finds", submitted: 2/7/2019 10:33:00 PM, 18 points (+18|-0)

AskVoat & Atko Shitstorm of 2015, submitted: 8/15/2015 1:33:50 AM, 17 points (+75|-58)

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Official White House Response To: Pardon Edward Snowden submitted by Charlemagne_III to politics

Fact_Checking_Alien 3 points 203 points (+206|-3) ago

Hold the phone. Hold that fucking phone before I make it an accessory to your tie.

He should come home to the United States, and be judged by a jury of his peers -- not hide behind the cover of an authoritarian regime.

First of all, we are the jury of his peers. Us. Young Americans. The people who pay attention to this. If anyone would be considered his "peers", it is the whole body of people consistently telling politicians to stop spying on us. A jury is no longer a "jury of peers", a jury is a randomly collected body of disinterested citizens who want to go home. Juries are atrocious, jury selection processes are atrocious, and frankly I'm surprised nobody's brought this up with the host of our judicial failures.

Secondly, he's in Russia. Are you really calling Russia an authoritarian regime, while in the same paragraph writing "Right now, he's running away from the consequences of his actions."? Lets ignore the massive Communism-era doublethink about calling Russia names in the modern era, and lets focus on how fucking stupid you have to be to not recognize this as contradictory and hypocritical.

I dislike my country more each day. Authoritarian? That's America. Don't believe me? The FBI had a hand in ensuring Occupy would get shutdown everywhere. Our own government not only spies on us, but actively acts to break up protests and long-term dissent through seeding internet communities with pro-US rhetoric and abusing law against its own citizens. Our own government actively tries to trace "Anonymous" and shut down internet protests, as well as prosecute under abuse of broad definitions of Conspiracy et al every single active form of protest available. THAT IS FUCKING AUTHORITARIAN YOU HYPOCRITES.

Voat PayPal account has been permanently limited submitted by Atko to announcements

Fact_Checking_Alien 0 points 103 points (+103|-0) ago

It may be advisable to begin investing in to any service which agrees solidly with freedom of expression, and supports them likewise. Currently it would appear the best solution is Bitcoin, which is rather ironic because they're pushing an increasing number of persons into its use through censorship. In other words, ironic because they're killing themselves with their ideological rulings.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about Voat and people who've been attracted by it: We don't want your god-damn ideology. We want your service. Let us decide what we want to say with it. If there are any other services on the internet who sides by this, though admitting restrictions forced by law, I would fully support their using Voat to advertise themselves.

Edit: If anyone knows of any such service fitting this description, please respond with it. Maybe we can make a compilation and see where we go from there.

Male Teen Has Consensual Sex with Female Teen. He Gets 25 Years as Sex Offender, Banned from Internet. submitted by geist to news

Fact_Checking_Alien 0 points 102 points (+102|-0) ago

This illustrates quite clearly everything wrong with the American system of "Justice". There is no justice. Only an authoritarian judge in a system rigged to only promote authoritarian judges, who believe in letter instead of spirit of law, and get their rocks off throwing books at people.

This judge has been censured, has twice been sought to be removed by people within the county, and in spite of it all still sits on his throne ruining innocent peoples lives. These are the sorts of persons judges are, and in this case we get to see three examples of how the system is broken.

  1. Prosecutors have all power to prosecute or not, even against the will of who they prosecute for.

  2. Judges can do whatever the hell they want, even against all public censure with no fear of being dethroned.

  3. Women are nearly always favored in judgements over men.

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AskVoat & Atko Shitstorm of 2015 submitted by Fact_Checking_Alien to SeriousDiscussion

Fact_Checking_Alien 29 points -20 points (+9|-29) ago

And my opinion of this is characterized by everyone, including Atko's, response: "Oh noes! The mods are enforcing the rules! WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS BY DOWNVOTING EVERYONE WHO THINKS CHARACTER ASSASSINATION IS WRONG!"

AskVoat & Atko Shitstorm of 2015 submitted by Fact_Checking_Alien to SeriousDiscussion

Fact_Checking_Alien 20 points -12 points (+8|-20) ago

Evidently as you're the first comment to say this, I think you don't speak for most of voat.

AskVoat & Atko Shitstorm of 2015 submitted by Fact_Checking_Alien to SeriousDiscussion

Fact_Checking_Alien 18 points -11 points (+7|-18) ago

If you go over to the mod and rule discussion subverse, you'll see a very open and fluid discussion about it being to also curtail soapboxing. So don't tell people what the rules "were" or "were not" when the discussions about what they were are entirely fucking public.