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Anyone else find it weird that PG is called "debunked" in the first line of its Wiki page, but no other conspiracies such as the Moon Landing are called "debunked"? submitted by MakeAmericaDankAgain to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 0 points 46 points (+46|-0) ago

Brain hacking. And it seems to have worked because pizzagate is a stop word that triggers people into denial quite well, or rather it set off a "crazy person alert fear reaction!". Stop words have been in use a lot in recent years. That is when you write an entire paragraph but put one word in there, funniest one being "man", and you get a litany of "you are fucking sexist!" replies :) However, the terms "bad guy" (the stereotypical vilain) doesn't get a jolt from the sexist police because it has been ingrained into the consciousness for a long time, it goes unnoticed... But "bad guy" is a sexist term in the sense that it tags men as bad, but also closes the door to the concept of "bad women", or rather, having entertainment that is fresh because the "bad guy" is played by a woman. Stop words are very important in today's fake and true news.

As long as the word debunked appears in front of the word pizzagate, the MSM is allowed to talk about pizzagate.

The FBI quietly, and without explanation, just released another batch of documents from the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary Clintons email use and classified information. submitted by redditfuckingsucksyo to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago

Wheeling and dealings. The MSM focusses on the emails and the private server to control the conversation and protect Hillary from the rest. Maybe she gets a slap on the wrist with a light spa vacation and no mention of the rest of this operation?

Children Dance on Table Tops at Comet Ping Pong During Post Trump Inauguration Riot Party submitted by cloakandswagger to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

Guys, CPP is "a family place" meaning that most people who hang out there are "in their family". And they do certain things in "their culture" that is hard for us to comprehend, like taking small children to a pizza parlour very late at night when most parent have already put their kids to bed. But like Nora Maccoby says: "It's 80% CIA" in this neighborhood so I am pretty sure none of these people are too worried about the law. They will use this as another way of pointing fingers at you for obsessing over THEIR children.

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Washington Waldorf School: VERIFIED Connection to Comet Ping Pong for Years submitted by FuckTheGlobalstElite to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

The best we can do is understand these programs and I am all for programs that do not simply teach young people how to be factory workers (though it would be nice if America still had good unionized factory jobs that can support a household). I am a very anarchist educator and I get a lot of push-back for advocating a very comprehensive and lifelong program of sex education which should start in grade 1 (developing good boundaries). For this I am called a monster or feminazi (and I put these comments in my Supervillan trophy room). People are incredibly scared of developing a well-informed, skillful and knowledgeable sex life. I mean I have been in sex class most of my adult life because I grew up with useless misogynists who actually knew nothing about the world. It's a really long process and the thing we take for granted that requires the most skill for success. It's quite amazing. But whether I am teaching my non-sex sex curriculum (1) or teaching "sexual confidence" to men 18-24, I will always have to deal with a huge crew of sexist and misogynist trolls who will always be "dicktators" who side with the "douchebag overlords" and we can't change that. Currently I am writing 'The Fucking Manual' but it's all quite basic stuff that most young people don't know about. It really is the manual nobody ever gave you about sex... but it doesn't have much sex technique, it's all an extension of good existing techniques LOL

James Robart, the Seattle federal judge who recently blocked the travel ban of President Trump has interesting past affiliations... submitted by daj to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

I fully support people protesting Trump and I am pretty tired of people defending his non presidential ways. Signing declarations without any regard for the constitution or even involving the people who will have to enforce it just seems ludicrous and it's unprecedented making all the backlash seem like the most reasonable reaction to expect. Trump is bullshitting his way to impeachment while people blame those who have the right reaction to what he is doing.

Washington Waldorf School: VERIFIED Connection to Comet Ping Pong for Years submitted by FuckTheGlobalstElite to pizzagate

EvaEverywhere 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Be careful with the round spiral. It can be construed to represent 666s which would be a Luciferian honor... But it is mostly a wink to hypnotism and mind control. Perhaps some of the practices (MKUltra and Monarch) are related to pedophiles, they are also related simply to mind control. I think being careful with that will give us a better understanding of the venn diagram of pedophilia, mind control and luciferianism.

EDIT: The Venn Diagram of Pizzagate :)