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WELCOME GREAT AWAKENING REFUGEES submitted by SensibleStoner to theawakening

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Thanks, here's another comment from me. Others of us are also on telegram @QAnons

Now that I have 100 CCP and won't look like an upvote whore... Hello, I am new here. submitted by jnola2 to introductions

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Welcome fellow traveler. I have lurked here for years, made an account 3 months ago, did nothing with it. Wishing I had participated.

Glad to heat hear you came around on Climate change. I work in the oil industry, when you watch millions of gallons of clean drinking water get destroyed to open up one well, and then put that next to low flow shower heads, you start to understand that most of what we've been told is lies.

Now that I have 100 CCP and won't look like an upvote whore... Hello, I am new here. submitted by jnola2 to introductions

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Thanks for the kind words, I realize now I meant to type "worked" in the oil industry, I have since left. But I can certainly answer your questions to the best of my ability and am happy to do so.

Most of the people who I came across understood that the Oil industry is very damaging to our planet and it can't continue the way it is currently going. This includes everyone from the drillers running the rig, to the labourers setting up and taking apart equipment right up the "company man" aka Consultant hired by the oil company.

Quick secant ahead that explains the number of people who work to open an oil well, if you don't care skip to the next paragraph:. Oil companies don't (or 99% of them) own any of the equipment used to first drill a well and get it online. They hire that out by contracting one person who is given a budget and a timeline to get the well online. This one person, referred to as the Consultant, then hires various service companies who come in stages and do what they do. The first company is usually a guy with a bulldozer who flattens out the trees. Then another company who owns drilling rigs will get hired, they bring their equipment and spend a few weeks drilling before they pack up and all go home. Then a company that sets the casing (concrete form poured around the drill pipe) comes in and cases the well and then puts a "well head" on it. After this a fracking company is called in and they attach all their pumps together and run pipes all over the place hooking all their equipment together and then one pipe attaches to the well head and they pump millions of gallons of fresh water out of a local river/stream/wherever the permit allows, mix it with sand and chemicals and pump it down the well and into the rock. After the frac crew leaves, another company called Production Testing or Well Testing comes in and hooks up to the wellhead, they slowly drain the water/chemical mix (while, ideally, leaving the sand down hole) until most of what is coming out of the ground is oil and not water anymore. Then a pipeline company comes in and hooks the well up to the local pipeline. At no time is the Oil company actually present or owning any equipment.

Okay, here is where my secant comes back to the circle - Of all those companies and all the people I would meet (I was a well tester and sometimes a water guy where I just hired to hook up miles of pipes from the closest river to the well), literally hundreds of people - 99% of them all knew that we were not being good to our planet and that this industry has to change somehow. As a result most of us out there would always do what little we could to keep the areas clean from spilling chemicals and/or oil on the ground. We go so far as to shovel up all the gravel and mud that oil gets spilled on (even if its just 1/2 gallon) and remove it to a facility that cleans the oil out and returns the dirt. So that is how those of us who knew what we were doing was damaging could sleep at night, everyone does what they can to keep what they have control over as clean as possible. Now, I understand that this is a bandaid on a bullet wound type of situation. Because the obvious other side is the millions of acres of forest that get destroyed to run roads out to the middle of nowhere, jam pipelines in the ground, and then destroy millions of gallons of clean water during the fracking operation. That side of it we all have to justify individually. Personally I did it by thinking about the future and how someday an oil well would be a fascination in a museum that people will visit. Our planet it very resilient and after an oil well is abandoned after 5 years it becomes hard to tell where it was and after 10 years its almost impossible without a map to locate it. So I told myself that although I was part of the crew destroying our mother Earth, eventually this would all stop and she will repair herself, with our help, back to where she was before we mistreated her.

As for my thoughts on renewables overtaking oil. That's tricky, as of right now and the way we rape this planet to manufacture all the green energy equipment I fear it's a losing battle. We use a ton of oil to make wind turbines, we burn an insane amount of Diesel fuel to transport and set up those turbines and we have to mine the fuck outta this planet to get the supplies to make the turbine. Solar panels are a little better, but glass is still heavy and transportation takes oil.

I look to the stars for our energy solutions. It is becoming more accepted that we are all living in a massive field of energy. This field of energy is modified in various localities which create our physical world. Vibrate this way and you get carbon, vibrate that way and you get neon, add layers of vibrations and a symphony of creation gives us Earth, human bodies, birth, bacteria, "space", the moon, galaxies, oil, etc. etc. etc. Therefore once we learn how to work with this field of energy we no longer will be trying to "generate power" by waving a "magnet" at a piece of "copper" until the electrons inside move around. Because that's really all power generation is doing, just waving a magnet at a wire using energy to wave the magnet. Solar is a bit different, but the underlying principal is still the same.

We will be reexamining everything we know about our reality soon and hopefully how we view energy changes with it. A good line that I read once and can't remember where but has stuck with me is:

Right now Humans use energy to manipulate matter, eventually we will be manipulating energy.

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Voat was literally funded and coded by it's users submitted by Rainy-Day-Dream to theawakening

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What was the reason for creating a new platform?

Voat was literally funded and coded by it's users submitted by Rainy-Day-Dream to theawakening

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I was asking because if Voat wasn't created as an outrage of reddit changing the voting rules, you could put me in my place pretty quickly. I was on the bitcoin sub on reddit when I first heard and was directed to people opening this platform.

Voat was literally funded and coded by it's users submitted by Rainy-Day-Dream to theawakening

Earth_is_Awesome 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago Here is my orig account, can't recall password.