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KABOOM! Assange Has the HRC Video -- The One That Was On Weiner's Laptop submitted by migratorypatterns to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 2 points 69 points (+71|-2) ago

May as well make this announcement now. We are getting ready to enter the zone of "fake video proof of pedophelia." The proof will be real. It will be real pedos. But, it will be called "fake news."

It will be used as an excuse to shut down the internet free speech. You heard it here first.

UK elites in panic mode? May tells audience that "[Russians may plant] photo shopped images to sow discord in the West and undermine our institutions" submitted by newworldahead to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago

Sort of looking like the Hive is bracing for the release of the fact that they are all a bunch of child rapists doesn't it? Creepy Uncle Joe is also suddenly the children's advocate, him and Lady Gaga.

Fox News had Jaunaita Broderick on yesterday interviewing her about Bill Clinton raping her and the anchors were so supportive they practically sold her story to the viewers in a positive light.

If it becomes public belief and acceptance that Hillary and Huma are on video rolling around in the sack with a 13 year old I can die with a smile on my face.

Is there a Civil War going on inside the U.S. Government? C.I.A. being a rogue faction? Q mentions it as well. N.S.A. vs C.I.A. submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 6 points 31 points (+37|-6) ago

The NSA is the granddaddy of intel over the CIA. Of course they know the CIA is trafficking kids and the CIA knows they know. Everybody that is anybody in D.C. knows about it and always has. At least a third of the D.C. politicians, or more, send there kids to prep schools to get sodomized and learn their place in the Freemasonic pecking order.

If the NSA ever had any intention of outing the CIA they simply would have done it. Trump has never spoken a word about a pedophile ring that a third of D.C. is involved in and that he is taking it down. Until he does Qs war on the deep state is a fable because that pedo ring runs the deep state, and the deep state is a Zionist Deep State, and Trump is their new Zionist King. Tired of hearing about white hat 64 Gorrillion D chess too.

Zionism is not a religion. Zionism is a criminal political movement.

We are the one we have been waiting for and it is up to us. They just renewed their enhanced spying powers ON ME AND YOU. Trump just gave his blessing for more gun control over ME AND YOU for a damn false flag which makes him complicit.

Trump just added another TRILLION dollars worth of debt for our kids to pay off forever for his Zionist wars. The Feds announced they are back in the civil asset forfeiture business taking money from innocent motorists on the road without charging them for a crime.

The FDA just announced further sanctions on Kratom which is a harmless plant people use to break opiate addiction and Trump has said NOTHING about it. Los Angelos just made it illegal for homeless people to sleep in their cars while Trump sends billions to Talmudist Jesus hating Israel.

Trump is feeding Christianity to the Zionist political party and ZIONISM IS THE DEEP STATE. Israel is a Talmudist Rothschild satellite and Trump is their salesman. And Q has people cheering for this madness. Wake the fuck up please.

3 lowest rated comments:

BREAKING: Person Who Gave Anti-Trump Dossier to Buzzfeed Has Been Identified submitted by migratorypatterns to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Great. Very interesting, in v/politics. This is not V/politics. Hopefully this will get deleted like most of your posts.

Hearing that the HRC video has dropped on the dark web. Unconfirmed/unverified. I've seen that it is called "frazzledrip". Heads up. submitted by Smyrtz to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 13 points -7 points (+6|-13) ago

I am suggesting that OP are full of shit. I am suggesting that this thread be deleted.

Did you know the Office of Inspector General's has been investigating the FBI's shady policies and procdures for nearly a year with respect to the Clinton campaign submitted by Commoner to pizzagate

ESOTERICshade 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

This bullshit D.C. gossip political squabbles is polluting the forum. Put it in V/politics. Spam. God Damn commoner. This bullshit is blowing pizzagate into the swamp. "Calm Before The Storm" is blowing Pizzagate into the swamp.