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Account Deleted By User submitted by highly_paid_orgy_pro to AskVoat

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Here's a Hispanic view of Free Speech submitted by ErrorHasNoRights to Identitarian

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Holy shit this makes my fucking blood boil. Hard to believe the only response to it was "stop it". I've never had an opportunity to attend any of these events but had I seen that go on in front of me I'd feel compelled to curb stomp that mother fucker.

I know I'd end up in jail based on the shit I see online.

The Antifa bike lock attacker is a philosophy ethics teacher HAHAHAHA submitted by shadow332 to Identitarian

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Fucking a.... Thanks for posting.

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Why do you pretend you don't care about points? submitted by EngelbertHumperdinck to AskVoat

Derpy_Derpson 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago

oh no, you down voted me, what ever will I do? I might as well kill myself now seeing as how my life will never amount up to anything with out your approval.

S&W M&P SHIELD 9mm - $319.99 + Free Shipping after code 9MM submitted by spyder228 to Gundeals

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Thanks for posting this.

60 Pushups + Gym [9/16] submitted by 00ellis to theredpill

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Sounds easy enough.

I'll do a few tonight once I get to my hotel room.

Don't give a shit about flair but I'm down to do 2k push-ups.