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Hi there - I like gardening, science, electronics, and I'm buying a gun soon., submitted: 9/29/2017 5:33:04 AM, 53 points (+55|-2)

Zog wears the star, but it's really for all of us., submitted: 10/26/2017 1:46:01 AM, 22 points (+22|-0)

This fat fuck is too deep in his phone to watch his son coming out of school., submitted: 9/30/2017 4:53:47 AM, 16 points (+16|-0)

My Soil Assessment - Wet and Heavy., submitted: 2/4/2018 7:10:21 PM, 11 points (+11|-0)

Engine flush with ATF?, submitted: 12/19/2017 4:00:21 PM, 10 points (+10|-0)

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Found this one in the wild! White woman, black man., submitted: 12/8/2017 3:22:48 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

EPA official carries a fake nose around., submitted: 1/29/2018 4:47:23 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Goat doesn't like to be picked up., submitted: 11/10/2017 1:14:30 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

What do you want for Christmas?, submitted: 11/21/2017 12:54:44 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Why do I see bipods mounted in the center of rifles?, submitted: 2/15/2018 5:55:26 PM, 6 points (+7|-1)

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Men who sit down to pee, what's your story? submitted by madazzahattereboot to AskVoat

DeliciousOnions 1 points 45 points (+46|-1) ago

No aiming required, no loud sound. Nice for when you're drunk or trying to be polite in someone else's house.

Tear THIS up, Libtards!!! submitted by Inaminit to funny

DeliciousOnions 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago

I like this, almost more than the original concept.

Who cleans up after guide dogs? submitted by Reverse-Flash to AskVoat

DeliciousOnions 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

I think they're trained not to just do their business anywhere. Those dogs are smart as fuck and they probably have either a signal word for their owner or they'll hold it until they get back home.

Side note: my neighbor must be blind because his dog leaves shit all over our yard.

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What are the shills trying to slide with the canabis is legal spam? submitted by Its_ok_to_be_white to AskVoat

DeliciousOnions 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

It's something people want and generally reduces mental capacity, so they get popular support and dumb down the populace at the same time.

Weed a generation ago might have been fine, but these new strains and extraction methods are too potent. It's like heroin compared to vicodin.

I'm generally in support of weed, but I can't pretend it doesn't fuck with your head. Smoke regularly for a while and your memory, brain function, it starts to go. I can't imagine how fucked all the nigglets are the grow up surrounded by that shit since birth, with a mother who probably smoked it while pregnant, etc.

Anyone else stop eating Meat recently? (Not bashing meat-eaters) submitted by Bananazz to AskVoat

DeliciousOnions 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

The secret bonus for me? Adding more veggies to your diet you will likely lose weight.

Things like carrots, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes are pretty low in calories and high in fiber. You can eat until you're full and still be below the calorie intake of fatty cheap sugar foods.

(((Amazon))) is about to ruin LOTR by populating it with niggers and other orcs. Tolkien must be spinning. submitted by bdmthrfkr to whatever

DeliciousOnions 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I'm on mobile or I'd have more to say about this, but it's more cultural and moral relativism. Everyone is okay, nothing is truly wrong, yadda yadda.