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Antifa starting to face the music submitted by Grumpy_Old_Man to TheDonald

CrookedSideofBeef 1 points 33 points (+34|-1) ago

Antifa are a literal terror group. The charges against them are conspiracy to riot, urging to riot, felony rioting and destruction of property. Other charges are multiple accounts of assault, battery and resisting arrest. They were all offered plea deals that would offer them much shorter sentences but most refused because part of the plea deal was testifying against other commie shitstains that actually done all the violence.

TL;DR They are literally going to jail for 80 years because they refuse to testify against perpetrators of violence.

If they will accept 80 years of prison just to defend their ideology, do you think they wouldn't kill for it?

So it sounds like some sort of coup went down in the UK, can someone break it down for people not informed on british politics. submitted by Kill-Commies to politics

CrookedSideofBeef 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

They don't want to be racist, nothing worst than being racist. I'm ok having my kids blown up as long as I'm not considered racist. I also like free shit. /s

Medieval RPG Runescape Plans Homo Pride Event. Players Start Dressing in White Robes to Protest. hahahaha. submitted by 8_billion_eaters to gaming

CrookedSideofBeef 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

These same people that want to have homo parades are the same people that attack "drumpf" constantly because they think the first president in history to support gay rights is going to put them in internment camps. These are the same people that support Muslims that even in the 21st century still kill gays.

Sorry but I don't pander to people that haven't done anything other than sticking their dick in other men and licking vaginas.

Being liberal is a mental disease in 2017.

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This is why I love Japan submitted by SeethingHatred to fatpeoplehate

CrookedSideofBeef 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

True. I wore a 2xl in the 80's and I now wear a xl large. Nothing has changed, I'm still within 5lbs of the weight I was in the 80's. I'm 6' 4" 260lb

WTF is going on?!? The Former FBI director literal admitted to leaking Government Docs to harm the POTUS!!! submitted by RatmanThomas to TheDonald

CrookedSideofBeef 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago

This fucking site has a bunch of white supremacy members. Reddit has a bunch of people that want to kill whites.

I think you're both fucking nuts.

Account Deleted By User submitted by hamhamham to politics

CrookedSideofBeef 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

MGTOW, women not even once.