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Chelsea Clinton suggests weed kills people. Funny, because her parents have killed more people than weed ever has, submitted: 9/28/2016 1:24:00 AM, 185 points (+190|-5)

There's a reason we say EVERY SINGLE TIME, submitted: 7/4/2018 1:23:14 AM, 111 points (+119|-8)

White (((noise))), submitted: 8/1/2018 7:51:45 PM, 95 points (+98|-3)

Just voted to MAGA. Remember to get out and VOTE, submitted: 11/8/2016 6:05:37 PM, 94 points (+98|-4)

Hufftards think white men shouldnt vote, submitted: 4/13/2017 1:26:19 PM, 72 points (+74|-2)

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And it's true, submitted: 12/17/2017 10:28:47 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

ITT ZUCC GETS ZUCCT, submitted: 7/26/2018 9:13:41 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

TOO FAR YOU JERKS, submitted: 2/26/2017 10:44:29 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

you bastards, submitted: 3/29/2016 11:51:37 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Racist slavery supporters decide to seceede from the US after Trump victory, submitted: 11/9/2016 7:24:34 PM, 2 points (+4|-2)

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Forget the theory, would you wanna buy a car that would potentially sacrifice you to safe the lives of more people? submitted by BrmBrm_ to technology

CrimsonFuckr 1 points 59 points (+60|-1) ago

Never. Fuck that noise. I don't want some committee in an ivory tower deciding the conditions of my death. My life is my own to spend as I will.

I still miss him submitted by BentAxel to pics

CrimsonFuckr 6 points 49 points (+55|-6) ago


Thought Crime Violation submitted by Empress to whatever

CrimsonFuckr 1 points 48 points (+49|-1) ago

I googled why these idiots think this is false. It's predicated on the fact that indentured servitude is different from slavery. And thats just patently false. In fact, a black man named Anthony Johnson was the man who took a case to the Supreme Court to retain ownership of a black indentured servant permanently, codifying slavery into American case law.

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Don't you know that their stretchmarks are beautiful, you bigots? ((Eyebleach in Comments)) submitted by ThoughtsAndPlayers to fatpeoplehate

CrimsonFuckr 16 points -9 points (+7|-16) ago

No one wants to see kitties, fuck off. Show me titties

this is fucking bullshit. submitted by iusedtobeonreddit to pics

CrimsonFuckr 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

do you think they shrank the triangles just so they could lie to you? illuminati confirmed the reason theyre smaller is so that they could maintain their profit margin in the face of rising costs. thats it. simple as pie.

Stefan Molyneux's "The Truth About The Oregon Rancher Standoff" submitted by HumbleGod to Conspiracy

CrimsonFuckr 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

Stefan Molyneux

ehhh bit of a giant chode tho, isnt he