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On Muslims, submitted: 6/13/2016 7:14:09 PM, 347 points (+357|-10)

Even 65 IQ Africans Speaking Pidgin In Shanty Towns Know It's A False Flag, submitted: 10/25/2018 10:22:12 PM, 262 points (+266|-4)

The Last Honest Man On CNN, submitted: 11/16/2016 7:45:35 PM, 215 points (+216|-1)

A State of Emergency, submitted: 7/15/2016 5:36:19 PM, 178 points (+179|-1)

The State of the Union, submitted: 8/3/2016 9:12:15 PM, 178 points (+185|-7)

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This Week in Stupid (20/12/2015), submitted: 12/20/2015 7:41:13 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

Merkel Is a Pariah, So Trump Refused to Shake Her Hand, submitted: 3/17/2017 8:18:17 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Alex Jones: Liberals Are Deslusional Atheists That Are Creating Satan With Their Minds, submitted: 5/23/2016 3:52:55 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

A Regular Bloodbath, submitted: 6/10/2016 3:58:59 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Egyptian Alabaster Ointment Vessel (c. 1550-1292 B.C.), submitted: 6/30/2018 10:09:12 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Board of Curators fire Mizzou professor Melissa Click submitted by FatherOblivion to news

CobraStallone 1 points 126 points (+127|-1) ago

And it only took months, video evidence, and mounting public pressure! You go Mizzou!

deleted by user submitted by MikeHawksRagen to technology

CobraStallone 1 points 86 points (+87|-1) ago

Dan McComas, the former second-in-command at Reddit — and vocal critic of its more inflammatory groups — wants to build a better Reddit, one that focuses on “healthy, positive communities.”

What, fucking Teletubby land or something?

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Facts Latinos and SJW's won't utter -- U.S. 6 times more immigrants than all of Latin America combined. U.S. Hosts 48.7 Million vs. Combined 21 Latin Americans Nations Hosting Only 7.8 Million. submitted by Thothx3 to Niggers

CobraStallone 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Be the US. Conquer half of Mexico for no real reason, spend decades toppling governments in the region and funding rebels; complain when people with an important economic role in the system you created show up at the door and call them niggers. The ones you imported tons of.

Media Silent As Sanders Overtakes Trump In Every Major Poll submitted by cynoclast to politics

CobraStallone 11 points -5 points (+6|-11) ago

Jesus, I don't like your tone mister. In my opinion Fox News is the most propagandist and divisive of the ones I mentioned; that has to be a "But don't let me stop you, start a liberal circle jerk" moment for you? That doesn't lend itself to discourse very well.

MRW a Muslim immigrant says they deserve a home and food because they're human. submitted by Dortex1 to funny

CobraStallone 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

You have Human Rights.