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How to end up alone in a few easy steps. Such a stupid STUPID mindset. Foolish girl. submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

ChippyTubes 4 points 35 points (+39|-4) ago

No it means I'm NEVER DONE SLUTTING AROUND...some time in the future she might 'slut around' a bit less and that's the time she wants to hook up and get a wedding ring from old lonely beta halfwit nice guy to go out work his ass off to pay for her expensive shoes and medical bills... and another reason you should avoid these women like the plague... they are withered and dried up by " microchimerism " How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring, Study suggests chemicals from previous partner's semen could pass on DNA from ex-partners, Women can sometimes Carry DNA of Casual Sex Partners & ...males have a natural reaction to this behavior...its why most men are first and foremost attracted by vitality, loyalty, attractive fit women and youth.... very few men want to marry some old shriveled floozy tramp

United Kingdom: Man called in for a "voluntary" police interview regarding anti-Islam posts on Facebook. He took up the invitation and recorded the conversation submitted by A_Fringe_Element to politics

ChippyTubes 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

England and Britiain is losing fast...problem numero uno....the Globalists invested in opening borders fully, almost without reason and globalists want to destroy nation states. Next nĂºmero dos - Problem number 2, the numbers game...this is followed by the local women who want to fuck around, be accepted by everything, abort anything in their wombs and just party on accepting some hedonist lifestyle the brainwashing tv programs tell them, a nation of sheep zombie peoples with no free thought no minds of their own....brainwashed into being hedonistic, self centered and not adding anything to the nation or country...this is what it boils down to - Demographics.

The English or Native British or whatever you call them are not having kids, many areas of Europe now have a very low birth rate..The Polish, Finns, Portugese are still making babies but the English are not, the Germans are not, the Swedish are not hence the flow of islamics into these nations....however the economists and globalists are obsessed with banks and growth which is why you get this constant propagandas of why Europe needs more migrants - but not workers from Argentina or SKorea or Canada or Mexico or Australia...they want islamist immigrants, illegals from Arabia, criminals from Africa...Europeans would probably happily swap and exchange all their islamic immigrants for illegal latinos enterting the US from Mexico and in South America...but that's not what globalists like Soros want they want un-rest...its almost like a total set up. Worse still is England's self sufficiency, when the shit hits the fans they have to bunker down, or the tunnel between England and France is closed? England it is not efficient enough to are not just talking civil unrest but mass starvation.

Lancashire Police, England and Londonistan Cops are not there to protect and serve, they are mouthpieces and tools for the media establishmnet and political elite, much of England, its towns and cities are already 30% muslim. In a few years you might have Austrian, Russian and Troops from the USA fighting on the streets to take back London and take back the city for the cowardly English who lost and sold out their own.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Schmorganumb to news

ChippyTubes 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

So let me see, this perverted piece of CNN shit decides he is allowed spy on peoples private information. Then after illegally spying, stalking, doxing he gets to decide what in his political opinion is 'Bigoted' and he gets to be Judge, Jury, Executioner....I mean WTF this 'News Network' has become a tvtrope 1984 orwellian nightmare

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British girl, 14, requests a school lab partner who speaks English -- gets arrested for racism submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to European

ChippyTubes 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Yeah but you duimb fucks are about 11 years late with this story, its Oct 2006, her area and her local Sharia Law Police force probably look like a shithole in Iran, Pakistan or Libya already. Manchester is known to be a partly islamified islamized shithole, jihad rapes kidnappings, suicide bomb attack at childrens pop concert etc You people should have been preaching this stuff 10 years ago, now you're just a bunch of sad near extinct alt-right fucks preaching to some Nazionistic choir on voat...and btw the Brits need to stop using the word 'Asian' these people were not Koreans or from Thailand, they were most likely Muslim Pakistanis, Arabs or or low IQ islamist N.Africans making the complaint. Her teacher was probably also an North African muslim or Pakistani...and btw Germany that fucking loser Hitler admired the Turks and those moslim a-Rabs

Welcome to the future submitted by meowmix56 to whatever

ChippyTubes 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

Don't know video games but I know Voat was banning Squawker .org today bullshit from voat

Scumfuck asshole admin ((((( mods ))))) from 'Report Spam' are destroying Voat turning it into a Shitty Reddit Clone, the entire Discord domain is now BANNED submitted by ChippyTubes to ProtectVoat

ChippyTubes 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

The entire of is banned, they the list of banned domains on voat is so long it takes three posts to include them all?