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Niggers at the Mexican restaurant, submitted: 8/18/2015 1:34:10 PM, 108 points (+112|-4)

Shitlords in the wild make me so happy, submitted: 8/19/2018 2:55:58 PM, 77 points (+77|-0)

[Finally someone] National Review calls out liberals for refusing to call racist nigger murders racists, submitted: 9/2/2015 1:10:58 PM, 76 points (+77|-1)

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What was the tipping point that made you hate niggers? submitted by mralexson to Niggers

Canada_is_gay 0 points 87 points (+87|-0) ago

I grew up in a pretty cosmopolitan area, and definitely had "diversity melting pot" garbage force fed to me in public schools. My parents were did not hate niggers, and in retrospect apologized too much, but were mildly race realists. They would tell me things like, "There are lots of good black people...blacks have historically had it hard...(etc.)" But then turn around and be like, "But don't ever got to that neighborhood, it's just not safe for white kids...You do have to be extra careful around blacks, they'll call you a racist at the drop of a hat if they see advantage to it." Then on the "third hand" while I lived in a white neighborhood of course they bussed in monkeys to school and I could see generally speaking the difference between white kids and apes intelligence, behavior, effort, etc. So there was a bit of a battle for my mind growing up.

Senior year in high school held a day that was the big turning point for me. One of the assistant track coaches (nigger) had decided that the team was going to a local "Martin Luther King Peace Day" block party to support the community and try to raise some money selling sodas and stuff. I later learned that the head track coach (white guy) had opposed the idea for logical reasons like it being held in a crumby (read: nigger) neighborhood and thus not a great idea to have a bunch of kids obviously walking around with cash. Of course Coach Niggy had called him a racist for not wanting to participate in sacred MLK day and the vice principle (Nigger) gave Coach Niggy the go ahead to do it on a volunteer basis. I didn't know any of this at the time.

I was one of the team captains so I volunteered to participate because I thought that's what a good team captain would do. I drive my new (old pos, but new to me) car that I'd saved up from my part time job for over and figure it will be fine. Since it wasn't mandatory of course the turnout wasn't very big. It was only me and like seven other kids, three white four North American Pavement Apes. The turnout to this block party event in general was virtually all black of course. Coach Niggy meets us all and gives us some stuff to sell. Then he says he's going to go "mingle" and leaves us to our own ends (No, this was not normal and at any other school event I ever went to the sponsoring faculty member stayed right on hand of course)

A little while in we've sold some stuff and had some cash and a couple of the niggy kids in genius fashion propose that we just steal the money. I thought they were kidding at first and joked along offering that we could say we got robbed and no one could say otherwise since Coach Niggy had left us, and in the end it would be his fault. They liked this idea and suddenly I realized they were serious. Now I was no goodie two shoes in high school but we only had a few hundred dollars, I was college bound, and of course it was not worth the risk and the trouble over. I tried to point this out and the niggers dismissed it as, "There's no risk, it's free money."

At this point things get kinda serious. Two of the white kids leave not wanting anything to do with it. Two of the niggers aren't really pushing for it, but agree to go along if everyone else is. The other white kid and I remain defiant. Finally the niggers take the money, divide it among themselves asking us what are we going to do to sop them, and walk off. I was pretty pissed, but naively trusted the system and figured Coach Niggy was gonna tear them a new one when he found out. When he did get back to wrap things it was just me and the other remaining white kid with what was left of the sodas and stuff and a fraction of the money we should have had. Coach Niggy asked us where the money was and what happened to everyone else. We told him the whole story and he said he would talk to the other kids and settle things.

I go back to my car. The windows had been smashed in and my car stereo and some CDs stolen. It wasn't a fancy stereo or anything, just an aftermarket CD player, but it was to a 17 year old who had just bought the car and the stereo himself it was devastating. I remember being most pissed of all that whoever broke in was such an asshole that instead of just breaking one window to get in they had broken all four. Like fucking why? It's the first time I ever remember hearing my father use the word "niggers." His response was, "Fucking niggers. It shouldn't have happened and it's not your fault, but this is why we always told you not to go to (black neighborhoods). They just don't care. It was the middle of the day, at a 'peace day' festival. It's impossible that whoever did it wasn't seen in broad daylight. And no one cared." That put things into perspective for me a lot.

The next day at school I was called into the principles office to be asked about the stolen money. When asked the niggers had said it was me and the other white kid who stayed who took the money, and that's why everyone else left, because they didn't want to be thieves. I was told I could give the money back and just be suspended from school and kicked off the track team, or if I didn't the police would be involved. I was livid. I think much to everyone's surprise I demanded the police get involved. I was taken to the school safety officer (fat, worthless nigger school cop) office and treated like a criminal. I gave a statement of events. The fat nigger cop just kept saying, "You know this is a lot easier if you just give the money back." I'm told the other white kid has already confessed and I'm just making things worse on myself. I stand by the facts. Finally he tells me since I won't "do the right thing" I was going to be taken to the police station and officially charged. I was practically in tears. How the hell did this happen? All I could muster was a demand to call my parents. I was told I could call them when I got to the station.

When I got there the other white kid was there with his mom. I didn't get to talk to him but later learned he'd gotten the same treatment as me. Somewhere in the process my parents had been called and my mom was waiting for me too. She told me that my father was with some actual police and the other white kid's dad down at the school trying to sort things out. I was made to sit at some cop's desk and told that they just wanted to talk to me, my mom couldn't be there directly while they did, but she would be waiting in the police station and told everything that was going on. This cop talks to me and asked me what had happened. He wasn't exactly nice, but he was professional. I gave him my statement, he went and di something with it and then just kinda sat there for several hours while he worked on stuff that I guess had nothing to do with me. Finally, after about four hours another cop comes back bringing my mom with him and says that I'm free to go, they'd determined that everything I'd said was true, and the apologized for the trouble. In the moment I was just relieved, but would shortly become pissed as fuck.

As it turns out, the school's "investigation" had consisted of Coach Niggy and Vice Principle Niggy asking the niggers what had happened. And they weren't treated as criminals like the two of us had been, they had simply been called into VP Niggy's office and asked as a group. When they collectively blamed the two of us they decided we were guilty. The other two white kids who had just bailed had never been questioned by anyone. When our parents had found this all out they flipped their shit. The actual cops got involved and interviewed the other two white kids who corroborated what we had said. This led to the cops interviewing the niggers separately, whose stories then began to fall apart. Finally a couple of the niggers were trapped in their lies and confessed.

What really got me though was the repercussions for the niggers. Practically nothing. The niggers who stole the money, and then tried to criminally blame me, were given in school suspension. This was at the pushing of VP Niggy who said, "They're kids, let's not ruin their lives by getting them papers at a young age over a mistake and a few hundred dollars." This was the same VP Niggy who was ready to have me and the other white kid get criminally charged, probably ruining our college futures et al, without even doing a real look at the facts. When the head principle found out had badly VP Niggy had fucked up handling things he did make him personally apologize to me and the other white kid, but that was the end of it. As far as I know nothing ever happened to Coach Niggy for going off to "mingle" with his dawgs or whatever at niggerfest instead of overseeing his terrible brainchild.

To make matters worse, at the end of the day most of the niggers on the track team were openly hostile to me and the white kids for, "Not being cool." Guys I'd been teammates with for four years suddenly didn't like me because I didn't help some of their fellow shitskins steal. Niggers gonna nig.

What was the tipping point that made you hate niggers? submitted by mralexson to Niggers

Canada_is_gay 0 points 51 points (+51|-0) ago

All it would've taken was one nigger involved doing the right thing that day and that whole issue never would've existed. Just one nigger could've stood up to the others and about stealing the money. Just one nigger could've been honest when they were caught. Just one of the niggers in charge (VP Niggy, Coach Niggy, Fat Niggy Cop) could've been a professional and not swarmed to side with the theving niggers. But none of them could fucking do it.

I've seen the two lessons I learned from that day in the years since:

1) "Yes, all niggers." Because you might sometimes run into a nigger who seems like a decent guy, and maybe most of the times is. But as soon as you put him among his fellow niggies he's gonna nig. They're animals, they can't help themselves. You can take a monkey out of the jungle and maybe even teach it a few tricks. But if you put that thing back in with the rest of the barrel it's gonna start throwing shit with the rest of them. There is no individual, only the collective niggerdom.

2) Beware the nigger pass. It doesn't matter what he does. It doesn't matter who he hurts in the process. Niggy will always have other niggies and animal sympathizers running to his defense to "give him another chance...he came from a different background...(etc)" in the most unbelievable ways. Niggers are never held accountable for their actions the way humans are.

Both these facts are undeniable, and as a result you can never have a truly quality society that has niggers in it.

Obeast food log submitted by LegendarySock to fatpeoplehate

Canada_is_gay 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

The most disgusting part is it's probably not even close to accurate in calories. This slobbering sow counted eight slices of bread with butter as 360 calories. Try again, tub-tub.

It's more like 80 calories per slice without butter, with butter being roughly 100 calories per serving. And you know the thing that eats an entire package of Oreos as a snack isn't bothering to limit itself to "only" one serving of butter per slice. Without exaggeration it probably is eating enough calories from bread and butter snacks alone.

I assume the same is true for its four goddamn morning sandwiches. "I'm eating four sandwiches, but I'm measuring out my peanut butter servings and not just lathering it on like every other lardo out there ever." Yeah right.

You can seriously probably add several thousand more calories to the total just in ridiculous stuff like that.

3 lowest rated comments:

Patriots VS. Pedos / Restaurant that 86'ed Sarah Sanders has Silent Partner who Molested an Infant and is Registered Sex Offender submitted by Oh_Well_ian to politics

Canada_is_gay 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I don't know that I find twitter to be the most reliable source, but it none-the-less illustrates a point:

Playing, "If I don't agree with something about you I'm breaking normal ties," is a dangerous game. You then own everything about everyone you maintain ties with.

Walgreens pharmacist denies woman miscarriage medication due to his beliefs submitted by knightwarrior41 to news

Canada_is_gay 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Your comment demonstrates what happens when a complete idiot spouts off without even bothering to read the article. She wanted Misoprostol, which is used as an abortifacient.

Walgreens pharmacist denies woman miscarriage medication due to his beliefs submitted by knightwarrior41 to news

Canada_is_gay 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Almost certainly not. I make sure my women get to a pharmacy that will keep their opinions to themselves and fill the damn script.