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Joystream ( torrent bitcoin streaming intergration) , submitted: 6/16/2015 5:55:07 PM, 19 points (+19|-0)

Down 27 lbs in 3 weeks, submitted: 9/9/2015 5:08:02 PM, 12 points (+12|-0)

Keto Stuffed jalapenos, submitted: 8/25/2015 8:16:13 PM, 8 points (+8|-0)

Ordered my Gi today., submitted: 8/20/2015 4:47:19 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

Voat Server, submitted: 7/8/2015 6:18:03 PM, 5 points (+5|-0)

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I'll be your huckleberry, submitted: 9/1/2015 6:26:38 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Bowhunt or Die: S06 Episode 10: Caught on Camera, submitted: 9/3/2015 6:29:06 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Episode 11: Wild West Part 1, submitted: 9/6/2015 4:48:13 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Jobs for Bitcoin sub? I need a sub theme made will tip bitcoins., submitted: 8/12/2015 7:40:36 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Started the needed bowhunting subverse, submitted: 8/10/2015 5:46:30 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Parents Charged with 'Neglect' After 11-Year-Old Plays in Yard for 90 Minutes submitted by caedesCantet to news

CalicoJack 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

The nanny state is out of control. Its surreal.

/u/theymos attempts censorship to nip Bitcoin XT "Big block alternative" 0.11.A in the bud on Reddit submitted by imaginary_username to bitcoin

CalicoJack 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

Thanks. Its obvious to me that the XT debate is directly related to bitcoin and relenvet right now. I don't understand the mentality that its not central to the bitcoin community to know whats going on it as it could be come bitcoin as far as I understand, but given my knowledge is limited.

UFC 190: Rousey vs. Correia - August 1st, 2015 - Discussion submitted by Zenocide to MMA

CalicoJack 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Man I hope Struve can get it done. Always had a soft spot for the guy. Sadly Correia is a doormat but I still like seeing arm-bars so I will watch it.

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McDonalds Can't Fix Their Sales, So They Decided to Just Stop Sharing Them submitted by SexyGreenAndGold to NotTheOnion

CalicoJack 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I had a DQP w/cheese yesterday. I am doing what I can to help.

I cannot find a voat tip bot? Is it in the works? submitted by explorevoat to bitcoin

CalicoJack 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Need to tip someone on VOAT halp!

Iceland's Pirate Party Tops Opinion Polls, Leader Seeks to Create Switzerland of Bits submitted by Fred-Stiller-OnAWire to bitcoin

CalicoJack 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yes there is - Commonly refereed to as the Big L Libertarians vs the Small l as in libertarian leaning or thinking.