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Guy on voat has a dick as big as a Samsung TV remote controller, submitted: 7/7/2016 4:06:06 AM, -5 points (+9|-14)

New shade of lipstick, submitted: 8/22/2016 8:57:56 PM, -5 points (+5|-10)

Too bad his hair will smell like cigarettes. . . ., submitted: 7/7/2016 12:20:53 AM, -4 points (+7|-11)

Showing her patriotism., submitted: 9/10/2016 3:11:28 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

Gay Guys Thrown Out of Pool for Kissing, submitted: 8/14/2015 8:13:57 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

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FACT: Breitbart Is A Batshit Extreme Right Wing Conspiracy Site, Not A Genuine News Publisher submitted by SimpleAndFair to politics

CANCEL-CAT-FACTS 5 points 282 points (+287|-5) ago

That is just your opinion. Thanks.

deleted by user submitted by OriginalDollPart2 to fatpeoplehate

CANCEL-CAT-FACTS 0 points 243 points (+243|-0) ago

The only court she's going to is the food court down at the mall.

Celebrities Call For 'Total Hollywood Strike' Until Trump Resigns submitted by turtlesarepureevil to politics

CANCEL-CAT-FACTS 0 points 213 points (+213|-0) ago

They'll quickly find out how irrelevant and easily replaceable they are. Everyone wants to be the next movie star, and if they sit out casting calls, the movie studios will be free to hire newer talent for a lot less money. Thanks.

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Ethnomusicologist Frances Densmore with Mountain Chief, the Blackfoot's last hereditary leader, during a phonograph recording session for the Bureau of American Ethnology. D.C? 1916 submitted by someguyfromcanada to HistoricImages

CANCEL-CAT-FACTS 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

This is what happens when you try to be an SJW over a hundred years before twitter.

Hopefully, everyone got his sepia-toned photos and stereo-phonic gifs.

Texas cops smell weed in black woman's car so they stick hand up her vagina in public submitted by Ebenbane to news

CANCEL-CAT-FACTS 9 points -4 points (+5|-9) ago

Poor cops.