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Sikhs for Trump submitted by Quaestorr to OccidentalEnclave

BreesusLovesYou 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago

They're probably sick of being confused with Muslims and being blamed for their crap.

deleted by user submitted by MikeHawksRagen to politics

BreesusLovesYou 2 points 39 points (+41|-2) ago

Bashing politicians because they didn't show up to a vote is both one of the most repeated and stupidest bashes. There are lots of reasons why a guy doesn't show up for a vote. Everyone in the Senate knows how most everyone else is voting long before any of the votes take place. If they have other stuff to do they show up only if their vote is needed or they want to be able to have it on their recorded to tout. This one was a slam dunk to pass anyways. We're just over a hundred days from the Iowa Caucus. Running his presidential campaign was more important than showing up for a landslide vote.

Did the Jew actually clone himself? submitted by shadow332 to Identitarian

BreesusLovesYou 0 points 31 points (+31|-0) ago

If you knock up a tranny you're not a homosexual couple reproducing, you're a guy who impregnated a mentally ill woman on steroids.

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deleted by user submitted by merging to politics

BreesusLovesYou 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

I doubt there are even a total of a hundred million households in the U.S. total. The majority of households in the U.S. have multiple people living in them. Of the 320 million not all of them can vote, so that number is off. If Trump has 40% of Republican likely primary voters support now he most certainly has more than that among them in some level of support even if others are undecided or preferring another candidate at this point. I could keep going with the fuck ups you made but my point is the OP clearly was clearly making a facetious statement but either you suck at reading comprehension too or to be an ass you decided to "do the math" to "disprove" his non-literal statement. Except that then you were so oblivious you didn't come close to picking the the right numbers to do anything relevant here at all but show you're kind dumb.

If you're gonna be the guy to come in and and try to disprove someone's non-literal statement at least do it correctly and just be an ass and not a dumb ass.

If we have a war on drugs with the premise being "they are bad for you." We should also have a war on obesity, similar to the drug war, since obesity is bad for you too. submitted by Grunge to Showerthoughts

BreesusLovesYou 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Being obese is bad for you. But sitting on your ass all day eating Krispe Kreme and Micky D's doesn't enrichen and empower violent gangs and cartels. Eating a whole pizza by yourself and washing it down with a giant coke isn't good for you, but if you do once or even occasionally there's virtually no chance of your pepperoni being cut with with something else that could possibly cause serious risks from just having indulged occasionally. And no one ever went on a string of robberies because they were tweaking from a Hostess habit they couldn't sustain. There's some stupidity in the war on drugs, and there's some merit to discouraging obesity, but the two are not comparable.

MISFIRE: Libertarian Nominee Johnson Trashes The Second Amendment submitted by muffalettadiver to politics

BreesusLovesYou 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

When the Libertarians nominated Johnson and especially Weld it became clear that they were not the plucky third party of principle standing up to those big parties who sell out their alleged values for a piece of the power circle - they were the pigs to the Dems/Reps' man in this veritable Animal Farm.