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Muslim refugees waste no time culturally enriching Japanese society submitted by icuntstopswearing to politics

Botanist 7 points 33 points (+40|-7) ago

They’re on a different fucking planet they really are.

They live in the fucking dark ages, and they’re dragging us all down with them.

When a nations “females” decide that they want to import “Muslim refugees” see them as the enemy too. They are quite happy to replace the indigenous male population with that of another. Too me that’s treason. And then to cry rape at every given opportunity, even at they’re own, shows you what pandering to these equal rights whores does to you, and your country.

I’d hang them, and the women that voted for them. Treason..

Stack Overflow vs programmers submitted by fedevela to programming

Botanist 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago

It would be funny if it wasn’t real. I did the firmware for the PlayStation many many years ago now. It was only I , an American and a Russian that did all the code, Unicode and hex. 3 people! And our software runs on over 40 billion devices.

I’ve seen whole teams take a week to do what can be done by one person in a fucking morning.

As for replacing us with Pajeets. That’s the norm everywhere now isn’t it.

Does make me laugh though, thx for the giggle.

Woman hospitalised by gang rape in Yorkshire town. County police put out appeal but refuse to give ANY description of attackers. submitted by nastymutant to news

Botanist 4 points 11 points (+15|-4) ago

After I've finished my current Yorkshire Tea tea-bag's, I'm not buying anymore. This sort of thing, makes me wonder what they are putting in the water up there. This is becoming the "norm" in Yorkshire. And reporting a rape is near impossible now. The Police will do anything to get out of making an investigation into it. Yorkshire has become a dark place. I am always hearing "pedo rape gangs" operating there, and now many other places in the UK. It's happening on an industrial scale here. They locked up Melanie Shaw because she was telling the truth about all the Police and the Council employee's, all raping little white girls with the "pedo rape gangs" too. They are part of it. And locking people up that have proof and are telling others the truth. Thus, reporting it to the Police or the Council isn't going to help. It will just make you an even bigger target. It really will. We live with the illusion of freedom here in the UK. It's a thin veneer is society, so thin perhaps it's no more.

She should be aware of Microchimerism. Her children in the future, will be part rapist. Well, 3 part's rapist if their is any truth in this story. So from now on, if she like's it or not, she has joined them. At least she's warning other's though, unlike the Police, who are probably too busy fighting people online that say mean things, like the truth.

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Ukrainian pride submitted by 2lightningbolts to WhiteBeauty

Botanist 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

No such thing as white beauty. And yeah, fuck you faggot too

UK: Girl, 14, Raped By Pedophiles In Telford Child Rape Ring Was Ordered To Take Her Child To Visit Her Rapist submitted by think- to pizzagate

Botanist 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

They had paki rapists kids... The kid is part rapist, and they still had them! The white girls are all whores, underage scummy little paki fucking, nigger fucking whores. They are a diesesed filthy evil cretins trying to abuse the system for Gibbs.

They deserve this for having their rape baby. Whole generations of whores raising whores. Thats British white women for you...

Who knew hypergamy leads to dissatisfied, depressed whores? submitted by goytoynamedtroy to whatever

Botanist 10 points -7 points (+3|-10) ago

The Bottomless Pit Of Equality

I read each individuals story. And the underlying issue for me was trust. All the white men I know, like I have trust issues with white women. It’s just a fact. The last 30 years of shit storm being shoved in our faces every day without fail has taught us to not have empathy with them. They enjoyed replacing us up until a certain point and now think we will accept them as part of the team. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s the whole trust issue yet again.

I can’t speak. I’m a gentrophile. Ever since a child I’ve been groomed and domesticated, to satisfy women. My first at 6, and so many more since. I was always with a much older women as I valued their time and sexual play time. I have gone threw all the different races of women. Black white red, yellow, you name it. I’ve even had coloured women pay me for sex and want to pay me to get the pregnant. Where as white women just don’t share that same initiative.

There are 5 white women for every 1 white man on Earth. That’s fact. It’s due to cellular division. A white male is very very rare in comparison to a white female. From the moment of conception for it to be a white male, it really has to divide, unlike a female where it doesn’t need to do much.

I also find that the worst of women are shown regularly, and never the best of them. It’s become a political game of representation and manipulation. Nobody likes the truth.

I was never happier than when I was with my white wife. But age separated us. She’s older than my mom. And she was the best lover and career I’ve ever known. But they just don’t make them like her any more. She was proud in who she was. We raised two sons, and two grand children together. And she was a good role model.

My coloured mistress I have now. She taught me a lot sexually, the wife used to compete with her. Once I learned a new move from a mistress she’d allways want to try it.

I suppose looking back, it’s not the sex that I see, it’s the loyalty. They all had loyalty. Be they black, white, red, yellow or whatever. The older generations where just loyal. They didn’t question, or speak unless spoken too.

No amount of sex will ever fill that hole in mans soul, but that loyalty that they had, that filled the void.

The kids coming up now are smart, they are definitely the best generation ever. Quite simply put, perfection, for lack of a better word. So I’m sure they will do just fine.

But for the “sandwich” generation. They are doomed. There are billions and billions of young, and billions and billions of elderly, but only a few hundred thousand of 30-40 year olds. The irregularly will eventually fix itself. But one wonders some times do they know, they are serving the world like slaves and doomed unlike any other generation before or after them. They merely are servants amongst gods.

Well, I for one can’t complain. I’ve travelled the world many times, and had many women call me home. If the kids in the future get such respect, then no doubt they will flourish and all will fix itself. But for the sandwich generation like myself included, we know we’re not really wanted, but we thrive on doing our duty, so we do it for all in kind.

When the petty differences are cast aside, it is indeed progress.

When I go out with any of my coloured girl friends I am very self conscious about the reactions I receive. I’m as polite as possible, and allways try to be welcoming. I’ve been groomed to be this way. I’ve been beaten and raped since a child to behave this way. Many of my friends have died for failing just to behave.

I come from south central. I was the only white man for four miles squared in the end. My neighbourhood now produces the highest ratio of terrorists per capita, than any other neighourhood on Earth. And how time flies, it really does. Blink and you’ll miss it.

I think the women will do just fine.