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Yes, "Amazon Echo" Does Spy on You, 24/7/365, and anything in Your Entire Life you Ever Said or Did Will be Used Against You submitted by BlueBerryPie to politics

BlueBerryPie 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago

During the past 5 years, every SAMSUNG "Smart TV" has a mike and sending home to MOM, everything it hear's 24/7 as long as your plugged in the wall. I unplug all my TV made after 2007 that I'm not watching at that moment in time.

Even when the TV is "OFF" all modern TV's automatically connect to WIFI and stream all audio home, the argument is for AI training, but in reality, like this article the purpose is life-long law enforcement, or more so like the movie "V for Vendetta", where the GOV all over the world wants to listen and gauge the mental state of its captives.

The shit will always been used against you insurance company's will demand the audio to deny claims, any good lawyer can fabricate anything from silence to convince a jury that your were beating the meat when driving the car, and the accident was your FAULT.

Am I really missing out on much, as a circumcised male? submitted by Xylophone to AskVoat

BlueBerryPie 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago

I would say your missing a 1/2" or more, and I have never had a Jewish Girl in my life that didn't love my UN-Circumcised cock.

"Secrets of the CIAs Global Sex Slave Industry" by Dr. Sue Arrigo submitted by zzvoat to pizzagate

BlueBerryPie 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

I don't think Millenial_Falcon should be dissing this women. We know the CIA is deep in child fucking, just look at 'finders' that is FACT and MK-ULTRA program started with infants kept in cages (fact). Scientology was created by L Ron Hubbard CIA fact.

Disputing the CIA has run child trafficking for sex/blood/organs, and robot-soldiers for 60+ years is a known-known, for MF to come out every time and diss this shit, just shows him to be a CIA lackey.

3 lowest rated comments:

InfoWars: America Is 'Cursed' By God For Condemning Israel | progressiveFS submitted by Usurper to politics

BlueBerryPie 14 points -12 points (+2|-14) ago

The Dude has many videos of himself 'shirtless' that is 100% gay, the dude is a closet homo-sexual and that is all you need to know, he's no different than MILO, in fact MILO has bigger ball's than Jones, cuz Milo will admit in public he packs fudge.

Who the FUCK want's to look at Alex Jones without a shirt on? Just fucking faggot's, butt-fuckers, fudge-packers, cum-suckers, and men who like Cock. We're talking gateway to Pedophilia here.

Milo live at UW-Milwaukee: Mentions Pizzagate briefly but explains he is still not allowed to talk about it. submitted by duckmanmade to pizzagate

BlueBerryPie 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

What did you expect? MILO is UK, UK is deep in Saudi child rape.

If MILO were to legitimize inquiry it leads straight to the HIGHEST levels of UK GOV

FBIanon told us the biggest consumers of child fucking on earth were "SAUDIS and UK", MILO doesn't want to lose his job, MILO is employed by PEDO's, and you can bet MILO is NAMBLA.

Are shills accusing pizzagate researchers of being shills? submitted by Platypus43 to pizzagate

BlueBerryPie 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

Yep, save it for 'youtube' a GOOGLE (NSA) owned hangout where you can yell into a void.

NOPE this is pizzagate and the KING of PEDOPHILIA on earth is SAUDI,

SAUDI don't have fuck to do with ISLAM, SAUDI is ZIONISM which is MOSSAD/CIA child sex slave industry worldwide.