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CNN has lost their god damn minds., submitted: 5/31/2017 12:57:13 AM, 114 points (+129|-15)

Remember the SLC Daycare from almost 2 years ago??? I think it is tied to Pizzagate., submitted: 11/11/2016 8:36:20 AM, 30 points (+32|-2)

Connection between Podesta ring and SLC Daycare? This is a horrifying rabbit hole but we NEED to get to the bottom. I am thinking of going to police., submitted: 11/7/2016 8:10:34 AM, 17 points (+19|-2)

Tinfoil hats on. What are the craziest stories about aliens or UFOs that you believe/heard/experienced?, submitted: 7/25/2015 1:10:56 AM, 13 points (+13|-0)

It's a great filter really., submitted: 5/12/2017 12:41:23 AM, 13 points (+13|-0)

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Don't fuck with my motherfucking president - we ride with Donald Trump over here, nigga - let him build that wall, motherfucker submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to videos

BlowjaySimpson 6 points 49 points (+55|-6) ago

Thank you for saying this. Based motherfuckers will always transcend race. Stop buying into the zionist tricks, they fear us as a strong unified nation and seek to use identity politics in their push for Cultural Marxism. Stop conflating pride for ones race as hatred for another.

What's the worst part about Voat? submitted by MLG_Ancap to AskVoat

BlowjaySimpson 3 points 22 points (+25|-3) ago

Probably the community it's had to start from. You get the militant types. Front page always has some red pillish post, and I am really sick of racist and sexist rabble rousers.

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1930s Flyer protesting against pedophilia in Hollywood. Nothing has changed. submitted by icuntstopswearing to pizzagate

BlowjaySimpson 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Actually, the Jews were persecuted by the communists, but it was not until Stalin was sick of their shit and violently ripped them out of the Bolshevist movement that they began.

Seth Rich was assassinated by the Democrats or he was killed by a Nigger. Either way the Democrats are responsible. submitted by foreverlight to Showerthoughts

BlowjaySimpson 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Of have to pull it up but like 6 hours south the next day or so there was 2 gangbanger looking spicswho were found in an abandoned parking lot with head shots.