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Forget male or femayo, let's play 'Front or Back...,?', submitted: 12/6/2017 5:45:32 PM, 107 points (+108|-1)

The irony...but 'fatphobia' is everywhere, submitted: 9/5/2018 12:22:15 PM, 74 points (+74|-0)

A sight for sore eyes, submitted: 9/15/2018 3:13:34 PM, 53 points (+54|-1)

Fatty only does 2 1/2 miles in TWELVE minutes...must have been chasing an ice cream van., submitted: 3/22/2018 9:25:14 AM, 40 points (+40|-0)

Sloppy cowplay., submitted: 3/27/2018 4:05:01 PM, 36 points (+36|-0)

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Plus size sex robot no-show, submitted: 11/26/2017 7:33:16 AM, 3 points (+4|-1)

The Yearly Purge, submitted: 2/7/2017 1:24:00 PM, 4 points (+7|-3)

Obese beggar slithers out of the woodwork to claim transgender Lotto winner's moolahh...for WLS (UK Whiskey Tangos), submitted: 1/17/2018 11:51:19 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

9 year old chode. (NSFWish) no sex for fatty, submitted: 8/2/2018 6:48:56 PM, 10 points (+10|-0)

Proof they're ironically right down the food-chain, submitted: 5/29/2017 7:27:52 AM, 10 points (+11|-1)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by Obeast_Destroyer to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

Comes across as a bit needy, however you've got to admire his principles and the correct way to deal with a fatty.

Been on her feet all day submitted by SkittlesAndIcedTee to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 0 points 45 points (+45|-0) ago

JFC it's using its disabled child as a scooter. That's setting the bar low even for a fatass.

Disgusting mental gymnastics from a ham submitted by ittybitty to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

Maybe you should not have eaten yourself into a genderless, unfuckable blob then fatty. I'll definitely bring it up at the next secret meeting of the Patriarchy for you though.

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Your typical Walmart line submitted by Reggie000 to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago Everyone is fat as fuck in the UK - I really think these %ages of eatbeast vs human figures the Government throw out are waaay too low - but the whole scooter-enabling is nowhere near the US.


Account Deleted By User submitted by EmmaAgain to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

That's a BMI of over 25? The fattening is starting to affect me. But yeah, looks like she's sucking it it in which would be posed you'd guess.

Account Deleted By User submitted by EmmaAgain to fatpeoplehate

BeetusChristFUPAStar 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Yeah I didn't read the article - don't want to give any traffic to the Mail (not the UK's shittiest tabloid, but the most fat-centric) - so I just went off that single image. But no doubt the Mail's quality vermin had a few more.