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Account Deleted By User submitted by nastymatt to AskVoat

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  • I'm fairly new myself, so this list may still be missing quite a few noteworthy entries.
  • Given Voat's small community, a few of these are lacking in content/activity.

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Weekend Discussion: Think of a video game character who is particularly meaningful or interesting. What is it about that character that makes them so compelling? submitted by ChillyHellion to gaming

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  1. Mordin Solus.

    Unlike most other characters, he understood the complexity of the issues the Normandy crew faced, and frequently acted through reason rather than emotion. Just as importantly, he often reflected on the difficult nature of the decisions we had made, thus giving us the impression of an actual internal struggle taking place within him. On top of that, he is one of the few scientists in gaming that actually behave and act in accordance with their title - he is very easily the most intelligent and well written character I've ever encountered in any game. My personal favorite, too.

  2. Solas.

    Solas resembles Mordin quite a bit, but due to the nature of the story surrounding his game series, the traits they share are expressed in some very different ways. Certain opinions remain the same - for example, they both feel that most folks are tragically irrational, and they have both been forced to take radical and controversial actions for the sake of the greater good. However, Solas' specific area of study includes an aspect of life that the vast majority of the people in his universe have come to misunderstand and abuse, meaning that he has seen some of the worst that life has to offer - such as the ruins of places that have been lost to the greed and ignorance of the mighty, and having to watch a dear friend being ripped from her realm and twisted to serve the petty purposes of weak men. This has hardened his view of humanity, and left him nearly fanatical in his pursuit and support of the rights of spirits. As if that wasn't enough, there's a scene at the end of DA:I that hints at the true complexity of his character, and the story surrounding him.

How is Bruce Jenner a woman despite being born with a Y chromosome? submitted by Barbarossa to AskScience

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Is this the kind of comment that belongs on askscience?

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Voat Theme creation submitted by catastrophic-success to programming

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My main issue lies with the fact that Voat lacks the information density reddit boasts.

deleted by user submitted by deleted to Neuroscience

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Based upon what we currently know - that is, the nature of causality, the singular realm of existence, and the functional basis of randomization - it follows logically that our minds obey the laws we have observed thus far.

There is also some further evidence in the form of subconscious signals preceding conscious thought, as well as subliminal decision making.

There are arguments that could be made in support of dualism, libertarianism, and compabilitism, but to my knowledge they are all grounded in purely philosophical speculation.

Please do add: Are you a neuroscientist and are you a materialist?

I am a neuroscientist, and I'm a hard determinist.

If there had been a transiting hot Jupiter around Proxima Centauri, how quickly would it have been discovered? submitted by profanion to AskScience

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Well, depending on its orbit, we could have observed it passing between us and Proxima Centauri, at which point we would have understood that there's something there. We would have been able to determine its orbital period, and we may have made educated guesses regarding its size. This would all have taken place not too long after the discovery of Proxima Centauri itself.

The further you're willing to go into the future, the more we would know about it, but the discovery itself would likely have been made within one or two orbital periods, as it is unlikely that a star as "popular" as PC would have gone unobserved during the time at which we could spot Pseudo-Jupiter.

The orbital period itself could probably be calculated using the data we now have on Proxima Centauri and Jupiter, but I'll leave that for someone with more time to do.