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National Geographic has become the magazine of fake science and fake news. submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

BaBs14 0 points 67 points (+67|-0) ago

As a geneticist and cellular biologist and most importantly a person with COMMON FUCKING SENSE. This is 100% false what they claim. Fuck NATGEO.

Case and point, black people have higher blood pressure and it is due to their genetics.

Fuck this post truth ignoring science for feelings world.

Robbed again submitted by Fetalpig to WTF

BaBs14 2 points 25 points (+27|-2) ago

Sorry that happened to you. Around Blacks Never Relax

So much this submitted by quasimotor to milliondollarextreme

BaBs14 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

Dont bring your faggoty reddit lingo here.

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"Diversity" wasnt a failed experiment, it was a disguised invasion meant to replace Americas founding stock. submitted by tendiesonfloor to politics

BaBs14 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Nigger who r u and what the fuck did u just spend so long typing at me. Didn't even read that horseshit. Fuck off

Account Deleted By User submitted by I_Merc to Trump

BaBs14 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure he spent at least that much of his own money while campaigning.