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When will America stop the insane practice of allowing dual citizens to run their government? submitted by Justaddcoffee to politics

Atomized_Individual 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

Post (((USDollar))) collapse

Why did white people developed the mutations for different hair colors and eye colors and not other races? submitted by voatuser1128 to AskVoat

Atomized_Individual 1 points 39 points (+40|-1) ago

Better survival in cloudy N European conditions. Light colored eyes let in more light to see in darkness. Light skin and hair let more sunlight in for vitamin D production. Sunlight being more rare made these survival advantages.

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Attention Q Reddit / r/GA Folks submitted by PuttItOut to whatever

Atomized_Individual 47 points -46 points (+1|-47) ago

Don't waste your time here, honestly

@diesel4420 is engaging in SJW censorship in v/theunexplained | ProtectVoat submitted by kevdude to whatever

Atomized_Individual 15 points -15 points (+0|-15) ago

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