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Soros/ Brock/ Media Matters all tied to Wonderland all want to shut us down. Noooooo conservative voices whatsoever. No truthers. None of that shit. But WHY?! submitted by SitelessVagrant to GreatAwakening

ArtistiqueJewelry 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

Why? Always my question too. If Qanon and those telling the truth are such Quacks as they try to say. . .they why don't they just let it run it's course and Fizzle Out?

Where there's smoke there's fire.

I believe they are Fearing the population they have tried so hard to "dumb down" is waking up and resisting to Them controlling the information!

BREAKING: Second Woman Makes Accusations Against Kavanaugh As Doubts Over Ford's Claims Grow submitted by sosat_menya_reddit to politics

ArtistiqueJewelry 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

I see, so she will name Kavanaugh, but wants to keep the other two guys, who Could corroborate her story confidential.

That's really convenient for her!

Looks as if you're a woman with a D by your name you can have free reign to dredge up anything from your college party days. and say pretty much whatever that passes through her befuddled, inebriated brain.

After all, you're a Dem and through other factors, quite used to being privileged. You don't bear any accountability at all, so could care a less about whose life you ruin with your unreliable tales.

I say sure, let the FBI have a Crack at it. Comey's an expert at telling a Fake from a Real one.

Bring him back. He loves this kind of stuff!

Let him conduct the line of questioning as to how drunk she was when she saw which one!

He'll be able to coach her on how to describe the differences while under the influence.

He does enjoy his costumes and props!

Another "Seth Rich" Murder? submitted by Blacksmith21 to GreatAwakening

ArtistiqueJewelry 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

Wow! A lot of Tells here! I keep seeing that phrase over and over. . ."intersection of tech, policy and politics."

Intersting because That is Exactly what operation mockingbird was doing through various avenues prior to their "weaponized" tech being placed in the hands of the public.

Seen in a variety of articles phrased in various ways also.

There are So many connections between these people or ancestors of the current Mockingbird clan. Pretty much laid the groundwork with of course the blessing of the cabal for running their propaganda and controlling the info in pretty much every sector. . .While they make money as they are usually the controllers of their Venture or Investment Firms and given massive breaks by the government. They spread out and continue to target more people with the sills they need by moving from one start up to another.

Absolutely diabolical.

You're spot on. Quite reminiscent of Seth Rich.

Excellent share! Thank you!

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Antifa Now chanting George Soros "Where's our Money!" YIKES! submitted by ArtistiqueJewelry to GreatAwakening

ArtistiqueJewelry 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

No one has to try and wonder what and who You are All about!

Trump threatens DOJ, FBI to 'start doing their job' or he'll 'get involved' during Indiana rally transcript of Trump's potent speech submitted by ArtistiqueJewelry to GreatAwakening

ArtistiqueJewelry 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Trump at Indiana Rally

**Trump just called them out again in a rally in Evansville, IN Trump threatens DOJ, FBI to 'start doing their job' or he'll 'get involved' during Indiana rally

He calls a Spade a Spade!

Here is part of what President Trump states,

Today's Democrat Party, is held hostage by left wing haters, angry mobs, Deep State Radicals, Establishment Cronies and their Fake News Allies!"

Always love His Direct Finger Pointing!

He continues. . .

Our Greatest Obstacle, and their Greatest Ally actually Is. . .the media, you can believe it!

We've got stories so big and the media doesn't even pick 'em up!

We've got stories that if it was about a conservative or a Republican. . .it would be front page News!

We have 'em and they just don't want to write 'em. It's a dishonest group of people, I will tell You that!

I so loved when he called out Hillary and what she gets away with!

He gave FBI and justice dept. props for those who are good, but then states,

Our * justice dept*. and our FBI have to start Doing their JOB...and doing it Right and Doing it NOW!

Because People Are Angry!

What's happening is a disgrace!

But at some point, I wanted to stay out, but at some point. . .if it doesn't straighten out, I want them to do it properly, I want them to do their Job!

I'll get in there if I Have to! Disgraceful!

The whole world is watching, and the whole world gets it. ..and the whole world Understands Exactly what's going on!

Today's Democrat party is held hostage by left wing haters, angry mobs, Deep State Radicals,

It was a Great show! I Love how he calls out Haters, Disrupters and those attempting to destroy our country and freedom!

God made us Free. . .they don't have the right to take it away from them! It is up to us to Stop it!

Here is the source and see a clip of his speech here! Thanking God Every Day for our Loyal, Patriotic President!

May God continue to bless Him, watch over Him and keep him in the wings of His safety!

What are your thoughts about this speech? Are you glad he called out the haters and destroyers for what they are?

Trump threatens DOJ, FBI to 'start doing their job' or he'll 'get involved' during Indiana rally transcript of Trump's potent speech submitted by ArtistiqueJewelry to GreatAwakening

ArtistiqueJewelry 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

There's the Orwellian posse after me. He got angry because I wouldn't take a post down concerning Antifa and George Soros being their funder.

Didn't matter to me if the group dressed up and did it as a parody or not (there is No Definitive proof it is parody). If it is. . .same take away. .. Soros funds Antifa proven over and over and reported on One America News network.

He's been harassing with verbal attacks, name calling and abuse. He gets his group to defend his vile behavior while they all down vote and send hate.

He has attacked me before so I am used to this.

Thanks for asking. He gets hung up on the wrong thing and tries to force and bully others into his belief system or else.

After he did the attacks, he called me to defend myself. I know I didn't need to, nor do I have to engage, but did defend myself because he does this very thing to others and it is very harmful to The Plan and those who try to collaborate and share out Truth to wake others up.

If you need to see verification. . .here is where I was called out to Defend myself for not bowing to Oh's Will.

Completely understand if you don't want to see any of the drama.
Orwell's call for me to defend myself Here