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The Poke submitted by TREDDITFIRST to politics

AntiTomato 0 points 66 points (+66|-0) ago

They use several rings of inner circles to keep unleveraged people from coming in contact with them.

They always have leverage on their guards like family members they can torture indefinitely.

They use their money to promote nobodies into the highest rungs of government and finance who will have a vested interest in keeping (((them))) alive.

They use compartmentalized secret societies and clandestine government organizations to keep the dogs that do their dirty work from knowing the actual reasons behind what they do. Most dogs think they are serving their country or religious/ethnic group. Even the Jews are being played this way.

They put in place systems of mutual blackmail between government officials and candidates ensuring that the corrupt do not do their jobs to punish anyone within the system, including bankers stealing trillions, which allows them to use violence without fear of legal prosecution. Because they have more money, they will always have the upper hand in hiring goons.

They position family members in leadership positions in all the countries they can so that if they lose control of one country, they can attack it with another to regain control.

And yes, they don't want copy cats.

The big flaw in this system is that someone can take it over without much hinderance if they can hide their intentions, kill the bankers all at once, then threaten or beat their inner circle into submission. Since very few know the chain of command above their bosses, they won't know there was a coup, but it would have to occur in multiple countries more or less simultaneously because these banker families communicate and will notice if a member is missing.

Their system will inevitably fall because families naturally branch and the bankers will eventually turn on each other just like mafia families and monarchies do.

Inmates get reduced jail time for vasectomies. ACLU squeals like a fat woman out of soda. submitted by ApprenticeShitposter to news

AntiTomato 3 points 57 points (+60|-3) ago

I love it.

It will make the world a better place.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by mtme to fatpeoplehate

AntiTomato 95 points -93 points (+2|-95) ago

I assume you're talking about moderately fat people that just ate too much and not morbidly obese people with metabolic syndrome.

You can tell if someone is fat because of disease or over eating with a leptin blood test. If their leptin is off the charts, which tells healthy people not to eat anymore, and they are still eating, they have an endocrine disease and have virtually no chance of being lean without a dangerous amount of stimulants.

I have a six pack because I don't eat carbs, preservatives, fake sugar, or food dye. The modern grocery store is the equivalent of a gas station in terms of quality food. If you want to be lean and healthy, don't eat herbicide/pesticide covered food like corn, wheat, soy, and sugar, which is basically all the food at the grocery store.

Account Deleted By User submitted by mtme to fatpeoplehate

AntiTomato 67 points -66 points (+1|-67) ago

You realize there are several endocrine diseases that prevent people from losing weight, even on a calorie restricted diet, right?

God, your ignorance is disgusting. Is everyone in the world this fucking stupid? Elon Musk better hurry because we smart people need to get off this planet before you assholes start DIY atom bombs.

Account Deleted By User submitted by mtme to fatpeoplehate

AntiTomato 47 points -46 points (+1|-47) ago

The body has control over how many calories you "burn".

You're applying first year physics to a homeostatic system. Congrats, you just killed a little more of my concern for the stupid people of the planet.