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"Wands out, Harry.", submitted: 11/30/2017 7:55:54 PM, 123 points (+125|-2)

If Aziz Ansari was white, there would be absolutely no fucking question that he's guilty of rape., submitted: 1/17/2018 10:00:33 PM, 117 points (+122|-5)

WTF is this shit?, submitted: 11/5/2017 9:27:22 PM, 92 points (+153|-61)

If Trump weren't President, the US Military would probably be rushing in to save Mugabe's ass right now, submitted: 11/16/2017 4:25:31 PM, 46 points (+48|-2)

Hmm, why would @freshmeat delete my comment, I wonder?, submitted: 1/31/2018 11:30:52 PM, 39 points (+48|-9)

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Google removes Gab app from Play Store for "hate speech" submitted by SexMachine to news

AndrewBlazeIt 0 points 146 points (+146|-0) ago

Twitter clone that's barely into beta testing and the most powerful tech company in the world is shitting their collective pants over its existence.

Dis gun b gud

Totally Not Racist submitted by Some_Guy_from_RI to movies

AndrewBlazeIt 0 points 109 points (+109|-0) ago

first comic-based studio movie with a black hero at its center

Blade don't real.

Well That Didnt Take Long: Rebooted XFL Already Being Called Racist submitted by HarryVonZell to politics

AndrewBlazeIt 0 points 104 points (+104|-0) ago

players with criminal records would not be eligible for the XFL.

I think I figured out why.

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Shitlord coach submitted by shadowassassinqueef to fatpeoplehate

AndrewBlazeIt 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

Sub that exists for the express purpose of shitting on subhumans

Waaaahhhhh, why is this sub so rayyyyyyyyycisssssssssssssss?

You. Rock. Same level of intelligence.

FPH is full of overly sensitive Reddit fagets, confirmed.

Fat girl in her 20s VS. Fit grannie in her 70s submitted by SnickerStix to fatpeoplehate

AndrewBlazeIt 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

ur a faget

An open letter to Putt submitted by Crensch to whatever

AndrewBlazeIt 20 points -10 points (+10|-20) ago

Don't downvote them for asking for upvotes

If this is wrong, I don't want to be right.