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Disqus/ ABC News censorship of comments submitted by BKAtheManScout to pizzagate

Andidog 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

It’s because no one in the liberal media wants to hear any damaging news about Obama’s “legacy” or Hillary’s legacy. Any history of crimes will be erased or “forgotten” to benefit what the news wants you to believe. This is why you must question everything and use your own brain to figure out fact from someone’s point of view even though they present it as fact.

Humanitarian predators: What Joel Davis New York arrest tells us submitted by Nana66 to pizzagate

Andidog 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago

This is disgusting. How the kids who need help after already being abused are being abused again by the very people who are meant to help them. And to read that the advocacices that are meant to help them are so infiltrated by other pedophiles that help other pedophiles get into the organization to help them take advantage of these kids. Makes me sick. They all need to be reinvestigated yearly or something to recertify that they can have a job or not be in a job and be in jail forever for crimes against children. Before someone says who will do the investigation of the people, why not multiple law enforcement officials from different countries so that the reach of corruption and compromise is minimal. Just a thought it’s Saturday night and I have had a couple of beers. You need some beers reading this disgusting material

Human Trafficking and Prostitution of Minors in Oklahoma / In Full View of Police submitted by Oh_Well_ian to pizzagate

Andidog 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

How is it that these pimps are getting out of jail so quick? Why are the penalties for pimping so lenient and the case for pimping so hard? If a judge and jury find you guilty of pimping with the way the law is written currently on what the state has to prove you should be doing life. You are destroying lives. And have proved you have no regard for human life yourself. So that’s it you are out of the pool.

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Epstein deposition, Trump mentioned, details of the alleged crimes, Audi video followed by PDF document. submitted by DeathToMasonsASAP to pizzagate

Andidog 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Ok, so in regards to the Clintons being the worst, how do you figure that they are not the worst? They have amassed over $400million in wealth and they worked for public service their whole lives, they run known child sex trafficking rings, they have a foundation that is a front for money laundering and child trafficking and sex slaves and is used to funnel money into the Clintons pockets from the sale of uranium to the Russians( another country with a child sex slave issue as well). Hillary’s first case as a lawyer was to defend a child molester. They have killed over 50 Americans even in their own party. Bill has raped his way through the halls of Arkansas and DC and the whitehouse and continues to do so. Hillary lied and attacked the women bill raped to save his political career in the media, ruining his victims lives even further, hell she had John Podesta as her campaign manager. That speaks volumes as to the type of person she is.This is just to name a few of the thousands of crimes they committed against women children men and America. I never said any other political family was good, but this family, by far is the worst. You just want to hear yourself talk and pick a fight.

Epstein deposition, Trump mentioned, details of the alleged crimes, Audi video followed by PDF document. submitted by DeathToMasonsASAP to pizzagate

Andidog 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

As a old saying goes, you can tell a politician is lying when they open their mouth.
Yes he is right, but I never said he was not right. I was making the point that the Clintons are the worst. Everywhere they go, everything they touch and everything they have their hands in goes bad or or leads to death or some kind of scandal or fraud or scheme. Yes politicians have the same outcomes I agree with you, but the Clintons have all of them all the time. Every now and again some of the other politicians on both sides make the best choice for us and America. The Clintons never made anyone a priority but themselves. They take and rape America and the people. As a man who has traveled to a lot of countries, mainly shit ones, no government is without corruption. People are greedy and power hungry. It’s human nature. Communism is some of the worst. In Russia the rich and powerful got richer and the poor got poorer. No middle class at all. This person was just looking for a fight and try and make themselves to be a smarty pants, I don’t play that shit.