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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Served Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primaries, submitted: 7/25/2016 10:44:52 PM, 316 points (+320|-4)

Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, submitted: 7/28/2016 12:28:43 AM, 216 points (+216|-0)

Ford moving all production of small cars from U.S. to Mexico, submitted: 9/14/2016 6:58:52 PM, 176 points (+177|-1)

[Meta]If you didn't learn it today it does not belong on /v/TIL. Stop abusing this sub to circlejerk about politics, submitted: 9/4/2017 10:20:13 PM, 134 points (+155|-21)

12-year-old rape victim told to 'turn the other cheek' as Christian school refused to report sexual abuse, lawsuit alleges, submitted: 8/11/2017 3:49:04 AM, 130 points (+136|-6)

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Trumps vow to bring back jobs sounds good, but it's fools gold., submitted: 11/28/2016 12:50:54 AM, -6 points (+24|-30)

Illegal Israeli Settlers Steal Palestinian Olive Harvest, submitted: 12/28/2016 3:08:25 PM, -4 points (+3|-7)

Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen, submitted: 2/16/2017 7:12:05 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

Cracky-chan, submitted: 6/13/2017 8:59:23 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

Cracky-chan, submitted: 6/13/2017 9:01:44 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

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Is it just me or is there lots of new people coming to voat with leftist ideals trying to spread that shit? submitted by adhdferret to AskVoat

AmaleksHairyAss 36 points 84 points (+120|-36) ago

Voat principles are noncensorship and freedom of speech. It has nothing to do with left vs rightism and fuck you for trying to make it into that.

U.S. persons who supported Sanders but didn't vote for Clinton, what would it have taken for you to vote for Clinton? submitted by suckcoke to AskVoat

AmaleksHairyAss 1 points 65 points (+66|-1) ago

Sanders stood on the same platform for 30 years. Clinton couldn't be consistent across two speeches. Sanders openly called himself a socialist. Not that I'm a socialist but it took great political courage to do that. Clinton proved her courage by having a vagina. Sanders spoke of reform and had specific plans. Clinton spoke in vague generalities and appeased whoever was nearest. Not that it would have mattered, with the trail of blood coming from her shoes and her many proven lies. Sanders was old. Clinton was decrepit. Sanders had a history of serving America. Clinton had a history of "servicing" America.

What would it take? Clinton would have to prove how honest she is by openly accepting the endorsement of the Dark Lord and publicly sacrificing a goat. Nah, not even then.

deleted by user submitted by MemberBerries to news

AmaleksHairyAss 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago

When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.

  • George R.R. Martin

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Powerful Anti-Obesity Ad submitted by klongtoey to videos

AmaleksHairyAss 49 points -40 points (+9|-49) ago

It's easy to point a finger at "eating too much" but the fact is it's a whole lot harder for some people to only eat the right amount. Different gut bacteria, the amount of protein in one's diet, and fructose are all strongly correlated to obesity. Proper advice won't just be to count calories but to get enough fiber and roughage, enough fat, enough protein, to not eat high fructose corn syrup, to avoid sugary drinks, and to just take a half hour daily walk if nothing else.

These things are painless, even pleasant and will make a huge difference. In fact for most people they'll make more of a difference than counting calories simply because they are pleasant.

Powerful Anti-Obesity Ad submitted by klongtoey to videos

AmaleksHairyAss 21 points -20 points (+1|-21) ago

It really is that simple.

No. It isn't. As I said, it's a lot easier for some people to not eat that pie. And whether food is processed only relates to its contents. A processed potato has the same calories as a fresh cooked potato with the same amount of fat added. Fruit juice is often as bad as soda. Sauce you make yourself on your stove is just as bad as sauce that comes in your frozen food container, assuming it's the same kind of sauce. It's more important to look at the contents of food than beating yourself up over how much you're eating. It will make more difference.

Ignoring the differences between people and criticizing those who eat more may feel good but it won't fix the problem.

Muslims March in Germany Chanting With Allahs Help, We Shall Conquer You (VIDEO) submitted by Medwin to news

AmaleksHairyAss 25 points -19 points (+6|-25) ago

This is like showing a KKK rally with the headline "Christians march against black people"