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Everyone on Firefox needs to be prepared for winter., submitted: 5/14/2017 7:12:53 PM, 231 points (+231|-0)

Order of operations, submitted: 8/24/2016 6:30:34 PM, 166 points (+167|-1)

Releasing it into its natural habitat, submitted: 9/9/2016 6:53:50 PM, 160 points (+166|-6)

I've been watching this unfold live for a couple of hours now, submitted: 12/19/2016 7:33:49 AM, 139 points (+140|-1)

Your opinion piece, unsubstantiated rumour or amateur youtube video is not BREAKING anything except the signal to noise ratio of this site., submitted: 11/4/2016 8:30:10 AM, 135 points (+156|-21)

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Everything you're being told about food stamps is wrong., submitted: 2/22/2018 5:09:22 AM, -6 points (+9|-15)

No, Christianity was not banned from Remembrance Day, submitted: 11/1/2017 7:10:46 PM, -4 points (+5|-9)

Democrat senator disagrees with republican judge about fags, submitted: 11/1/2017 8:09:22 PM, -3 points (+2|-5)

ATTENTION: According to an anonymous source, something might happen, and it's really important. Trump Clinton Scandal Communism Pedo Terror Liberal Nigger Nazi McCain Jews Violence FBI (, submitted: 1/19/2018 11:43:35 AM, -3 points (+7|-10)

This is literally cucked as hell, submitted: 1/27/2017 2:08:50 PM, -3 points (+3|-6)

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Men must prove a woman said 'Yes' under tough new rape rules submitted by turtlesarepureevil to news

Alopix 0 points 121 points (+121|-0) ago

Nope, this doesn't work. She can just say she revoked her consent after, or you pressured her before. The only safe option is to simply not have sex with women, which is exactly what the psychos driving these kinds of laws want.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Greenseats to news

Alopix 0 points 113 points (+113|-0) ago

Not letting blacks who can't read be teachers is racist.

Not letting Somalis with fake medical degrees practice medicine is islamophobic.

Not letting women with half the strength of their peers be firemen is sexist.

This is the fucking world we live in.

Windows 10 updates can disable pirated games and unauthorized hardware submitted by desivip to technology

Alopix 5 points 102 points (+107|-5) ago

THEY, not you, have the final say on what programs and even physical components you can install!

If that doesn't make your blood boil, I'm sorry, but you just don't know SHIT.

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We removed something you posted submitted by Wolfspider to TraditionalHusbands

Alopix 26 points -24 points (+2|-26) ago

"let's just give the government the ability to pick and choose who gets what rights based on the mandate of a foreign power" - Theocrats on the other side

"Wow her body looks so much better with all those tats" - said no one ever submitted by shadow332 to whatever

Alopix 21 points -20 points (+1|-21) ago

Virtue signalling rejected. You're a faggot.

Maine Wants Candy, Soda Excluded From Food Stamps submitted by elkanahaon to fatpeoplehate

Alopix 21 points -19 points (+2|-21) ago

Yeah! If they don't like being poor, they should just stop being poor!