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Cop Who Killed Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life Claims Showing Jury Body Cam is 'Unfair' submitted by fluxusp to news

Adminstrater 0 points 92 points (+92|-0) ago

To be fair, the father is white. The media literally suppresses this stuff.

If you've been undocumented for so long, why didn't you start the process to become a citizen sooner? submitted by Adminstrater to whatever

Adminstrater 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

Youtube comments are usually garbage, but I happened to read this one, and I feel it deserves more eyes.

City tears down man's staircase that he built for $550. Now they will replace it with one that costs $10,000. And they say that is reasonable. submitted by 123_456 to politics

Adminstrater 5 points 59 points (+64|-5) ago

All they had to do was put up a sign that says "USE AT OWN RISK" and then the city is no longer liable.

Was the city liable for the woman who fell and broke her wrist when there were no stairs to begin with? Christ, this idea that the government is responsible for every fucking pebble on the ground is such a fucking joke.

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Iraqi 'refugees' who left Finland because they didn't like the weather kiss the ground as they return to their home country submitted by dildonkers to news

Adminstrater 18 points -14 points (+4|-18) ago

We have no obligation to save Muslims from Islam

Christian teachings suggest otherwise. It is up to each Christian to pass along the teachings of Jesus Christ and just like other similar religions, it encourages conversions. If the USA is a Christian nation (debatable), it is the duty of the country to convert any non-believers.

I am not a Christian, and I disagree with the Christian teachings in their entirety. Christians are indoctrinated (like other religions) that their god is the best, their teachings are the only correct way to live, and that they must push their beliefs on others. This means that two religions are contradictory to each other, are in direct competition with each other, and suggest that the only way to "convert" the indoctrinated soul is to either brainwash them, or kill them. Killing is easiest. It's impossible to actually debate the religions against each other because there are no facts that will stand up to scrutiny. It's a game of shoveling bullshit into a pile and then using horseshit as a substitute when the bullshit runs out.

The same could be said about any religious country. It gets worse the more integrated the religion is with the state.

TIL that you can't buy adobe products anymore submitted by stillinit to whatever

Adminstrater 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

This is their reaction to the torrenting of their products. It makes perfect sense from the perspective of a business, and yet as a non-customer, you should not worry.

There are people out there that may find away to get the software for free, or if not, you have access to their old software for free via torrents, and they will provide enough power, to do what you need done. If you require adobe's new products, chances are you are making money from the software's use, in which case, you should purchase a license so the content you create is valid, and legal for commercial sale.

Freeware users need not worry. And if adobe can allow themselves to recoup the research costs by selling licences, we will see MORE technical innovations from adobe because they will make enough profit to grow as a business. These innovations will eventually make their way to freeware products or will become cheaper with time.

2 "Dreamers" Caught Smuggling Illegals Into US. submitted by ShaneTO to news

Adminstrater 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

If a few bad apples are ruining the batch, we should do away with all of them, right?

That's what BLM thinks when it comes to police officers, so the same logic applies here.