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Somebody please send this to Nintendo submitted by BaIoo to gaming

Acharvak 3 points 18 points (+21|-3) ago

Play games from the competition via the Play Store, turning a Nintendo device into a bearer of low-quality garbage (Candy Crush Saga should never be allowed near a Nintendo device…)

Yeah! Fuck doing what I want with a device I bought! I want only high-quality licensed proprietary shit on my devices!

So you want to switch to Linux? submitted by Drevkevac to Linux

Acharvak 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

A good writeup, but there are some things I personally don't agree with.

Linux is not Windows!

You know, beginning Linux users probably shouldn't be exposed to that piece of... arrogance. That article has fair points, but most of it is very debatable and newbies can easily react to it with "You know what? Fuck it." Not to mention that "free software is for everyone" is the motto of people who created GNU. It's not a good idea to start an article about Linux saying "Look, people who created the basis of GNU/Linux lie to you and you shouldn't listen to them".

You as an adult need to make an informed decision about what level of risk is acceptable, and it is your responsibility to keep effective backups.

You see? Now the arrogance from the article you cited is leaking into your own article too!

What makes Linux unique is it's package managers, which manage the aforementioned packages.

This is not what makes Linux unique, Windows has "Add/Remove Programs" too. It could be rewritten as: "What makes Linux unique is the existence of servers, called package repositories, from which you can install most software that's available for Linux in a uniform and automatic way. You just run a special program, called a package manager, tell it what software you want installed and it does the rest. All distros come with a package manager pre-configured to access a package repository most suited for the distro."

A package manager lets you do something like this: apt-get install firefox

The reader may not know what command line is (you said yourself it isn't necessary) and what these words are supposed to mean.

However, Linux Mint is not an Ubuntu Variant. Linux Mint usually repackages Ubuntu packages, meaning software updates often lag months behind Ubuntu, which itself is not the most up to date to begin with.

Actually, no. Linux Mint doesn't repackage Ubuntu packages in the same way Ubuntu repackages Debian. It uses Ubuntu repositories directly, supplemented with its own repo (and that repo's size is only a fraction of the size of Ubuntu repos). Some updates are deliberately held back (because they theoretically can be unstable), but users can change this behavior. Generally, Ubuntu (at least Ubuntu LTS) and Mint are very stable on desktop, as stable as Debian, while your comments about "poor QA process" make it seem like everything crashes every 10 minutes or something.

That being said, I'm currently thinking about switching from Mint to LMDE, not because of instability, but because Debian stable is at this time newer than Ubuntu 14.04 and because, given Canonical's recent intellectual property crackdowns, I don't know what to expect from them.

Software recommendations Mousepad

What is that?


Typo: Gwenview.


Why Engrampa? Just use whatever archive manager comes with the desktop environment. To make it work with 7-zip archives, install p7zip.

All of these games use a software package called DirectY (yes, I am poking fun at DirectX). On a Windows system, each game would install it's own copy of DirectY, wasting disk space and CPU time.

Why did you pick DirectX as an example? DirectX is installed system-wide, its redistributable packages are all produced by Microsoft and if the installer detects that the same or newer version is already installed, it doesn't install anything.

and I hope you will to.

Typo: too.

But remember, Linux is all about user choice; if you don't want to use Linux, don't! The last thing any member of the Linux community wants is for a user to switch to Linux, have it not meet their needs and expectations, and then be upset or frustrated.

While I agree this is the last thing any member of the Linux community wants, the previous sentence should probably be changed to emphasize that Linux, being free software, is inherently better than proprietary alternatives and so the reader should strongly consider switching to it. For example, "But remember, Linux is all about user choice. If you find that Linux just doesn't suit your needs, then don't use it or wait several years for it to develop."

Reddit is now censoring posts and communities on a country-by-country basis submitted by Tsukamori to technology

Acharvak 17 points 14 points (+31|-17) ago

However, if Voat doesn't comply with a demand from a country, the government of that country can force ISPs to block access to Voat. What will this accomplish? Or do you hope that Voat users from such a country will start a revolution because they can't access Voat?

We have a conflict between two stances here:

  1. We will not be an instrument of censorship!
  2. If we don't block it for that country, that country's government will. We are not doing anything that would not occur otherwise.

And both positions have their merits.

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Russia bans Reddit submitted by drone7 to news

Acharvak 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

furry conventions

What's you problem with furry conventions? sounds like "fuck all Jews and cyclists"...

When your cat can't stop watching cat videos submitted by rycbar to pics

Acharvak 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

But it's a dog video!
Or maybe even a fox video!

deleted by user submitted by hotmusician to funny

Acharvak 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Eh, in such cases I'd rather read the punchline in the title with the tag [No need to click].