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The problem with America today is that we have all become Republicans and Democrats instead of Americans., submitted: 6/29/2018 7:22:19 PM, 167 points (+180|-13)

No words needed., submitted: 8/7/2018 6:10:29 PM, 160 points (+165|-5)

Vengeance of a sheboon., submitted: 7/25/2018 5:35:06 PM, 156 points (+162|-6)

Are you ready for the long dick of the law?, submitted: 8/10/2018 2:51:50 AM, 144 points (+148|-4)

This pile of Venezuelan cash is equivalent to one US dollar. Welcome to socialism., submitted: 7/25/2018 2:01:59 AM, 120 points (+124|-4)

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The video of the so called assult on Andy Harris (Periscope video), submitted: 10/2/2018 8:32:49 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Video of the so called assult on Andy Harris. (Periscope video link), submitted: 10/2/2018 8:21:08 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Far as I know only 3 of us got these, so should be easy to figure out who we are.....miss me?, submitted: 9/16/2018 6:37:19 PM, 1 points (+5|-4)

Watch #8 it is worth it., submitted: 9/20/2018 4:49:47 AM, 2 points (+4|-2)

Silver lining?, submitted: 9/29/2018 1:25:14 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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It's Reddit's Turn: The so-called 'Front Page of the Internet' Should be Next to Face Congress submitted by Lafall to technology

AR47 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago

Subreddits where u/rubinjer was most active include /r/The_Donald, Reddit’s controversial Donald Trump community, which boasts nearly 650,000 members. This active subreddit is well-known for its violent rhetoric, hate speech, and white supremacist content.

Awwww they never heard of Voat did they?

Think about it first submitted by bdmthrfkr to funny

AR47 0 points 31 points (+31|-0) ago

Story comes to mind over this.

So I had this job delivering appliances for home Depot and we get this delivery that is a fridge, washer and dryer, stove, and microwave.

Shit was the cheap stuff......well it goes to this MASSIVE fucking house.

Screen door is missing and door handle is gone too. I knock and dude is just smiling ear to ear. Has a couple friends in the living room with the biggest goddamn tv I have ever seen.

So I look around to pick my path and notice dolly wheel marks everywhere into the hardwood pine floors. Just fucked and I bring it to his attention. He laughs and says yeah that she bitch I just finalised the divorce left that.

I said well damn sorry to hear.....he and all his friends just erupt in laughter.

He says oooooh buddy let me show you something.

This bitch was so fucking diabolical she took

The faucet handles for each fixture.

The towel racks, and the tubes to hold the toliet paper,

Each and every goddamn handle for the cabinets and drawers throughout the house.

The goddamn wall socket covers for each outlet and switch.

The screens from each window and then each appliance save the garbage disposal to which she cut the prongs off it so he couldn't plug it in.

Needless to say I helped him out with all I could and installed all his shit then rewired the disposal and put new lines on the dishwasher.

We wuz rocket scientist n sheeet submitted by Sharkballs to Niggers

AR47 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

You may look at this and laugh, but want you to try and think about how goddamn primal you have to be to see a person and think......yeah gonna eat that!

You read stories of extreme survival with people who were stranded and it makes them recoil in horror for being forced to do that and each account I have seen with white people they are remorseful. You know they has zero options and can accept it, but they never do.

Then you see shit like this and think......the fuck? It is celebrated and somehow the world thinks we need this with our own society because they need help? No

They need isolation at the bottom of the ocean.

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Antifa throws a BOMB at Patriot Prayer - and gets their soy pushed in submitted by jasonco to news

AR47 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

Blow off body parts? Hhahaha the fuck are you talking about?

Let's see How Peter Fonda likes it. submitted by HarryVonZell to politics

AR47 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

Illegal use of a communication line.....felony

Slander - can be sued.

I can go on but my bet is that this guy wants this attention to be relevant and has lawyers on tap.

I miss Tay submitted by voatuser1128 to Niggers

AR47 12 points -8 points (+4|-12) ago

William Grant Still

Yeah they can.

Hold up....facts are downvoted? You call this freedom of speech, but it is only valid if and when you use derogatory racist comments that I know 99% of you wouldn't ever say within ear shot of the minority you are speaking of.

For your information there is actually very many blacks that have been very successful within the field you noted.