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Imagine having such a poor understanding of history that you think this is all that "bread lines" were under Socialism. submitted by tendiesonfloor to politics

13972362521 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

This girl lacks understanding of history of food lines.

why only free bread ?

Everything was free in USSR late 80s.

Bread, Milk, Meat.

But, there were 2 "But".

First, you cant get more than a fixed amount, and as you may have guessed, at best, it's enough not to die out of hunger.

Second, just because you stand in a line, it doesn't mean that bread/meat/milk won't run out before your turn comes. In liberal's paradise, items such as bread tend to be in a short supply.

RACE WARS!? South African Niggers crucify 3 yr old white toddler on table and rape her submitted by Kippering to Worldnews

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guys, guys,remember,this has nothing to do with race,it's just another crime in South Africa.

Trans identified male will be incarcerated in a women's prison for the sexual assault of his daughter. submitted by Artofchoke to news

13972362521 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

I found a pattern.

Every time, I see a news shared by conservative news sources, it's so crazy that I have to check if it's real.

So I try to find original source.

and every time, every fucking time, what I find makes shit crazier than I though it would be at first.

so... here we are

The 33-year-old — the victim’s biological father — had pleaded guilty to crimes that took place in 2013 when the girl was just three.

The Crown was seeking between 18 months and two years behind bars

So.... maximum 2 years for sexually assaulting 3 years old ?

Frankly, at this point, you should scrap your criminal justice and make whoever wrote that shit eat every damn page.

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Russians agitating in favor of Yellow Vests - (((Bloomberg))) submitted by falangismo_angelino to news

13972362521 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Sputnik is sister agency of RT aimed at post soviet states mostly, while RT is working on western world.

Both of them are trying to (and unfortunately,not very successfully) spread positive image of Russia and negative image of western elites.

You should be functionally retarded to think that RT or Sputnik aims to create turmoil, it's like throwing a grenade to blow up a city.

Of course they are spreading propaganda and Russian elites have their interests, but right fucking now, anybody who is fighting against western elites and isn't spreading anti European/Anti Christian/Multicultural agenda is doing good job even if they aren't doing it out of goodwill.

to make people in the west angry at their countries

considering that average westerner has more than enough reasons to be angry at their countries(governments), it's too sad that RT is so unsuccessful project.

Fuck off putin

Putin has enough crimes to warrant hanging, probably several times over, in good times.

but you know what, right now, we aren't experiencing good times, or even normal times, European civilization is experiencing the worst time they have experienced in a while,maybe ever.

and you know also what?

During these very tough times, there still is one,one world power (in order to avoid somebody jumping in and telling me that there is only one superpower out there, world power isn't superpower),which is part of christian civilization, isn't openly advocating for abolishing whiteness, hasn't bought cultural marxist BS, doesn't have most of economy controlled by kikes and can claim that has done something against interest of Israel.

as you may have guessed, said country (unfortunately) isn't USA (with (((Ivanka)))'s dad and his Israel first policy), UK(with 40% European Capital with Pakistani grooming gangs running show) or France ("Nationalism is against patriotism Goy").

Despite all of her flaws, there is only one European,christian country who can check every requirement off that list, and despite all of his many crimes, Putin is the leader of that Country.

Russian government has huge flaws, is full of criminals and has done many shit. But you know what ? They have something that makes them better than governments of all countries mentioned above: not being total puppets of people who aim to destroy European civilization.

They may be sons of a bitch, but they are our sons of a bitch.

Endangered Species List ------> watch the downvotes and commentors who reject this message, that's JIDF submitted by mattsixteen24 to news

13972362521 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Judaism is one of the state religion in Russia. It is not endorsed in US.

and ?

Anti-semitism pretty much don't exist today in Russia


Putin is very friendly with jews. The same could be said to Trump


While Putin gives weapon to enemies of jews, Trump arms jews.

Problem with you is that you care too much about what is said and forget to check actual actions.

The last synagogue attack is in 2006, compare this with the last synagogue attack in US, the so called "jewish controlled" nation.

in fact, yes, if tomorrow attacks on jews increased in USA, it simply means that jews got so much control over american that some of them woke up.

Absence of attack on jews doesn't mean more jewish control.

Jews have their own autonomous oblast in Russia

which has exactly zero influence on Russian politics and happens to be one of the poorest in the country.

For example, the mayor of Yekaterinburg (Yevgeny Roizman) is a jew but nobody talked about his jewish descents

sure, nobody talks about him because he decides nothing.

you don't seem to know how power works in Russia. Even mayor of Moscow,is at best, a clueless puppet.

Many famous rich Russian billionaires are of jewish descent

almost all of them got rich during 90s,before elite,who controls russia now took power.

Difference is that, unlike rich American jews, who have huge influence on public opinion, in Russia, when Berezovsky tried to pull Zuckerberg,his TV channel got taken away, he got thrown out of the country and died after 'heart attack' in London.

average Russian do not talk about their jewishness or jewish problem.

First of all, average Russian does talk (Russians you see in the USA are nothing like average Russians) about them being jews and secondly while Russia does indeed have jewish problem,nobody bothers about it simply because it's not as big as Jewish problem in the USA.

Well, in the east, the jews voted right and many support anti-gay law and closed border, so the same excuse can't be used.

you know why ?

simply, rich jews know damn well, the if, in Russia they try to pull cultural marxism shit, at best,state will take everything they have and tell them to fuck right off, or at worst, they will send 'independent contract killer' (who of course, is totally not intelligence operative on payroll) to gun them down in central Moscow.

They aren't 'right wing' because they want to be, they are right wing because they have to be, if you are rich in russia, you are either dead, right wing or in prison. Average Russian jews are mostly liberals, but considering that they have no influence at all no one gives a fuck about their liberal BS.

P.S it's funny how you yourself agree that Russian jews do much less damage to Russia than American jews do to the USA (and rest of the world).

Believe me, Russian jews aren't kinder than American ones, they are just, much less influential.

Nobody wants to take your guns aw- submitted by tendiesonfloor to politics

13972362521 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

A mandatory gun buyback or gun confiscation would plunge this country into a civil/revolutionary war in a second.

Lol, no.

You want to know the truth ?

When shit hits the fan and people will have a choice between 'normal' life and freedom,99% of people will choose normal,peaceful life over fighting for some ideals.

Sorry but when state comes for your guns, absolute majority of people will let them take it.

People will full stomach don't make good revolutionaries and you all know damn well that your conservative friends won't do shit until he feels his ability to put food on table, enjoy TV/internet and going to holiday is in danger.

and (((they))) will make sure that if it even comes to the point that average men have enough reason to commit desperate act of making their own hometown into a battlefield, the best weapon they will have access to will be kitchen knifes.