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Well I just cancelled my YouTube Red subscription. submitted by Lymphoid to Degoogle

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Jesus help this poor man. Get Ublock Origin, its free...

After calling for harassment of Trump officials over their politics, Maxine Waters has meltdown over being harassed over her's submitted by Canada_is_gay to politics

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They never show the quote of what Waters said. Just say that Trump accused her of saying something. Wtf, you have one job as a news reporter and thats to report on what happened. An entire article and they can't even include the actual fucking quote. Not just CNN either, it really pisses me off.

Pearl Jam in Rome last night demanded "Italy Open Your Ports" during a cover of Lennon's "Imagine" - #apriteiporti - shows refugees getting turned away by coast guard on MegaScreen submitted by 9-11 to whatever

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Everywhere I've looked says Eddie Vedder writes his own songs. Where did you come by this? Would like to know more.

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What do you call a black female who has had 7 abortions? submitted by Sarevok to Jokes

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A serial killer, a fine American, a nigger, a hero. If only we just let nigs be nigs, without supporting them, they would also help solve the world's problems.

Patrick Little detained for three hours at Canadian border for being critical of Israel, asked whether he had a youtube channel, banned from entry for hate propaganda. submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to news

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Tesla had some interesting ideas involving 3,6,9. Its not superstition, its all about energetic frequencies.

Toward Wave-based Sound Synthesis for Computer Animation submitted by killer7 to technology

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Very cool, Kanye. I'm guessing these are all pre-rendered? Would be amazed if that is real time simulation.