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Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers submitted by Atko to technology

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I despise the blatant focus on gender in this article with the same handful of examples, but the real issue here is definitely something that should get more attention. I'd rather not give data brokers data about what Is me and what isn't, though, as the "noise" is a decent hiding spot and plausable deniablity.

Is Microsoft evil? I just spent over an hour removing Windows 10 on my father-in-laws computer to get back to the way he likes it and attempting to prevent it from installing again. submitted by Courtjester to technology

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I paid full price for Microsoft Office (home & student) a few years ago, but now the license is invalid. Fuck them.

Getting to really own my software, full control of my computer, no privacy issues out of the box, AND pay nothing for it is such a great fucking deal. I do have a Windows partition for vidya (got a free key by the university), but it's been gathering dust since I installed it a month ago.

Is it possible to create a system where lack of crimes would be more profitable than a lot of crimes? submitted by profanion to askgoat

0x0000 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago

Make the prison system a burden on the government, not a profitable venture for private actors. That'll turn the priorities around in the long run, I think. It works here, but to be fair, the population numbers and the problems are very different from the juggernaut across the pond.

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The Government Never Asked Linus Torvalds for a Backdoor in Linux Crosspost from /v/news submitted by gbj1301 to Linux

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Aren't NSA's approaches strictly confidential so he couldn't say yes if he even was?

TV Anchor Walks Off Set After Covering Yet Another Kardashians Story submitted by chasOSG to news

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How so? The JSON format is used by pretty much any high-level language?

deleted by user submitted by Sleet to Linux

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Depends on the courses you take. If the computer is purely for research, surfing and writing, you'll be able to get away with using Linux. Look over the courses you are planning to take and see if they require special software that's not Linux compatible.