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Account Deleted By User submitted by txtattoo to whatever

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poor little girl ....sorry you got your pussy hurt lol!

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VOAT'S FIRST EVER LIVE WEBCAM DEBATE will take place tonight at 7:30 pm PST! DON'T MISS IT!!!! submitted by regular-star to whatever

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cry harder fucking faggot lol! :) U MAD? :)

People seem to have forgotten this cardinal rule lately! submitted by Nithhogr to whatever

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arguing behind your keyboard is pointless because you can't be held accountable to your own words.

OFFLINE it's a different story...

Account Deleted By User submitted by txtattoo to whatever

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the nice thing about faggot keyboard warriors like you, you can rage all you want but we all know you're an impotent little girl who is irrelevant in the real world. LOLOLOL! U MAD FAGGOT COWARD? :)