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Account Deleted By User submitted by TheodoreKent to whatever

zen_music 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

Meanwhile - Trump Administration Suspends Expedited H-1B Visa Approvals for Foreign Workers ... submitted by sand_mann to news

zen_music 1 points 26 points (+27|-1) ago

Not a moment too soon. Forty or more years ago I thought it would be fun to go live in Australia, and I applied to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for a job (I was in media then). I got a letter back telling me while they appreciated my inquiry, Australia had a law saying they could only hire someone from out of the country if they had proven there was no Australian who could do the work; so "Thanks, but no". Made perfect sense to me.

Your Job submitted by quizzicalpepperoni to whatever

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Bit of a long story here, but I think it's relevant...

Not long ago I was renovating an old (1940's) bungalow, doing some minor plumbing, had to go into the crawl space to make final connections. There had been an insulation company previously hired to put fiberglass insulation between the floor joists. What I found when I got under there was that about half the old insulation batts had fallen into 6-8 inches of water (whole crawl space about 2 ft. high) and then the insulation guys had covered the whole mess with big plastic sheets so they could work. They got about a quarter done and then noped out of there, the water had of course found its way up above the plastic, including four new bags of insulation they left there to soak up all the water they could. (I don't know how much water a bag of insulation that has been fully drowned would weigh, and I hope I never have to find out). They didn't say anything, lied to their boss, and the client had paid a $3000 bill for the insulation job.

I took off my clothes and crawled under there with a cap-flashlight and did my five or six pipe connections, kneeling naked in 6 inches of cold water on top of the plastic and all these dead batts of ratpooped insulation squirming around under my knees. Done.

When I got out of there, I told the client and they called the insulation company, who didn't believe them. So I crawled under there again, naked, carrying my cell phone above the water, and shot about fifty pictures of different aspects of the problem. There was little they could do about that, except to say that they'd been lied to that the job was done. And with a bit of legal prompting, that they would fix it.

So now a practical soul begins to wonder, why is there 6-8 inches of water under the house anyway? And it had clearly been like that for some time. We dug up a bit of the perimeter drain; old fashioned cement tiles laid end-to-end, completely clogged with mud and roots, probably had been like that for 20 years or more. OK, a perimeter drain job; there went $8000.00, and it killed my renovation, there wasn't any more money.

But at least we had an explanation for why the floors were all crooked inside the place. The outer wall of the foundation was concrete, poured almost on grade; I'd be surprised if they dug down a foot for the footings. and down the center of the rectangle were about five two foot square footings, poured on the ground, with short pillars of wood and a wooden 8x8" beam running from one end to the other down the middle. These footings and pilings had sunk about 2 inches over the years of sitting in water, partly actually sinking, and partly rotting the bottoms of the pilings. It was decided not to jack them up again because it would break all the drywall joints (again) upstairs and create further horror. They will have to put up with floors that sink to the middle of the house.

Finally to the point of my story: after the perimeter drain job, the place was left to dry for a couple of weeks, and then "Somebody" from the insulation company (and I've no idea where they found this poor devil) had to go under there and drag out all the dead insulation and all the plastic, and all the ratpooped dead insulation underneath that, gah. I went by one day and there were two mounds of indescribable crap piled in the carport- all that stuff from underneath. "Kudos for doing it" doesn't BEGIN to cover what I felt for this person. Very few companies I know of could find someone to do that job.

So now it's drying for the summer, fans and dehumidifiers, and then the insulation company will have to go in and do the job they were originally hired for.

I remain blissfully unemployed at this moment. Enjoying the summer. Thanks for reading. Oh, by the way, the owners of the house bought me a $50.00 gift certificate to a very nice restaurant as a bonus for the pictures; if it had gone to court, they would have been the prime evidence. Neither of them is in the kind of shape it takes to do something like that. One more thing: (boast) I'll be 70 in August.

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This is what we've come to. submitted by sniper98g to funny

zen_music 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

The ISIS soldiers on the way here will mow them like grass.

Obama's portrait artist is a free red pill submitted by Grunge to whatever

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Not sure if you're trolling, but you might want to edit the name you used in this post...

Comedian Robbed at Gunpoint Shifts Views on Firearms, Wants Concealed Carry Permit submitted by guinness2 to politics

zen_music 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

" one of two suspects pointed a gun at him and demanded his valuables" I do see how that works. And I get it that you're prepared to roll that dice.