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Ireland: 40% of students in some rural schools are foreign but in Dublin, 90% in this school are foreign with little English. Irish are now a minority in two thirds of the surrounding area. submitted by yiddlerontheroof to news

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What is being done to all white nations is a crime that can only be repaid one way.

Hitler accurately describes America's problems submitted by yiddlerontheroof to videos

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They fucking abducted and killed Lindberg's baby as punishment for opposing their fucking war, too.

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Asian girl sees black guy for the first time. Reddit is calling for a ban on her twitch channel because of this submitted by 1488HailFireRain to whatever

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You mean he's a stranger, right? Not the first fucking black she's ever seen.

Tommy Robinson asked "Do you think they're gonna kill you in prison?" --- He replied, "I do. I just had to kiss my children goodbye like it's the last time I'll see them" submitted by noworldorder to news

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Robinson: This family name derives from Jewish communal functionaries or titles. Robison is a spelling variant of Robinson, an English equivalent of the Hebrew Ben Rabbi ("son of Rabbi").

FBI shows up to 16 year old's house to question him over memes he posted submitted by bravesaint to videos

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Antagonizing law enforcement online is not a bright idea. Blaming the drones for what the queen bee is doing is retarded. It's mistaking the symptom for the cause. This kid is probably unaware of the JQ and just hates cops for whatever reason. That's stupid.