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Video game designer Daniel Vávra is called racist by an SJW for not putting black people in a video game about medieval Czech kingdom. Explains that this is because there were none. submitted by skymod to KotakuInAction

wuzizname 0 points 135 points (+135|-0) ago

"So it's my duty, as a white man, to produce games not about my culture but about yours? Why don't you make them yourself?".

Based as fuck.

Honor Killing in Germany. Syrian gang rape survivor murdered by her own family. submitted by Lomax to news

wuzizname 1 points 96 points (+97|-1) ago

Enjoy the multi-cultural enrichment, Germany.

deleted by user submitted by AcceptIt to AskVoat

wuzizname 3 points 91 points (+94|-3) ago

Virtue signalling.

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Driving Through Oklahoma Yesterday and Saw This Billboard. Replace "Hispanic" with "White" and Imagine the Shitstorm. submitted by Chance to whatever

wuzizname 15 points -15 points (+0|-15) ago

"White values" like gunning down hispanics to contribute to their genocide?

Voat of No-Confidence in /v/AskVoat mods (up/down to signify agree/disagree) submitted by CptCmdrAwesome to AskVoat

wuzizname 17 points -11 points (+6|-17) ago

I dunno, guys. I've looked at @she 's profile and have looked at the mod logs. Most of the posts were deleted because they broke rule 1, no question mark at the end or "does not ask a proper question". That was their rule #1.

Now, @atko has sounded off and has made his intentions clear that punctuation isn't a valid reason to delete a post. That's on the record. But, you can't blame a mod for adhering to the rules of the sub at the time.

We've all sounded off with our disapproval, and we've been heard. If @she is still cool with modding the sub I'd say that I appreciate that I appreciate her commitment. It isn't easy modding a sub, and it's obvious by some of her recent comments that she is committed to the work and would feel a loss if it were taken from her. I respect that a great deal, like I said - it's not paid work and it is work to mod a sub.

As far as comments like, "people who hate political correctness.....", that's her opinion and I respect her for voicing it as it is her right to voice it. I am here to hear other's take on the world and the human condition which we all share.

So as far as I am concerned: deleting popular posts for not having proper punctuation sucks. While it's not difficult to phrase something as a question and include a ? as proper punctuation I agree that it was a crappy rule 1. But now that the issue is settled, as long as @she is happy to mod and adhere to the rules, I'd say thanks and would be happy to argue / debate her opinions on political correctness in society in the future.

deleted by user submitted by MikeHawksRagen to funny

wuzizname 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

Ellen Page, Porsche DeRossi, Josie Foster, Jilian Michaels?