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The Minoans were Caucasian: DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe's first advanced culture was from Africa submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to news

wig 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

More shocking is the oddly suppressed FACT that the "Out of Africa" theory is now UNSUPPORTED by any fossil evidence!

GREECE : New fossils suggest human ancestors evolved in Europe, not Africa :

First Human Ancestor Came from Europe Not Africa, 7.2 Million-year-old Fossils Indicate :

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find :

Scientists Look To Europe As Evolutionary Seat : Found in Germany 20 years ago, this specimen is about 16.5 million years old:

MODERN species and sub species proposed names of various Homo shit-skins (detailed but lacking DNA refs) :

TL/DR: Niggers are not related to any other race on earth, and diverged 350,000 years ago (far far far before real humans mixed with Neanderthals and Denisovians). Niggers are subhuman low IQ animals.

Blacks Don't Pay Water Bills in Majority Black Baltimore and Cleveland, so NAACP Legal Defense Fund Pushing Idea of No More Water Bills for Blacks submitted by yiddlerontheroof to news

wig 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago

Happened 4 years ago in many black cities. In detroit BLACKS NEVER HAVE TO PAY WATER BILLS once they are over 300 dollars in arrears and cannot have water turned off! (health issue)... Whitey in other counties pay for free water for blacks in detroit and other black cities.

Blacks get free electricity and free gas heat too. And free internet, free cell phone, free food, free android wifi tablet.

All free because WHITEY PAYS FOR IT ALL!.

Lab owner falsified results so CPS can kidnap kids-someone besides her is behind the corruption. submitted by Voateringforlife to news

wig 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

NOT ENOUGH WHITE BABIES to adopt and steal by CPS

There is a rampant surplus of foster kids who are black, so for decades CPS scours the USA to steal white kids from parents doing misdemeanor jail, drug citations, minor infractions... and then makes it impossible to get the kids back without lots of money and time... and the best shocking part.... AFTER TWO YEARS, if the kids are very young, a (((judge))) declares it would be now "disruptive to reunite the white toddler with bio parents again". Gone for good after 2 years!!!!

"Disruptive to reunite the the white toddler with bio parents again"??!!!!


Another scam is to declare your baby is 2 percent native american blood (or less... 1.5 percent, under 2%) , and transport your baby hundreds of miles away to an indian reservation to grow up as thieving redskin drunk, and to hate the white man.


Poor famous stolen "Lexi" (one out of 200 babies stolen by indian reservations) is under 2% indian blood!

This happens a lot too, because Indian tribes use foster system for money to buy whiskey.

The most famous recent stolen white girl STOLEN BY INDIANS is Lexi, who is 1/64 Choctaw DNA or less. 1/64 is under 2% threshold to lose a white baby! It 1.5 percent indian!

1/64th or less DNA in testing STOLEN FROM WHITE FOSTER AND WHITE PARENTS to live and grow up as a indian reservation sex slave and welfare check to buy alcohol for tribal elders.

The US gov REFUSES to declare 1/64th indian is exempt !!! :

FUCKING CPS is vile and disgusting.

EVERYONE wants a white baby, no one wants a free nigger (they come with monthly cash too).

White baby girls are very very valuable, and White Mothers NEVER have any rights.

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What did he mean by this? submitted by jewsbadnews to movies

wig 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

True, also Amelie votes for UNLIMITED WELFARE the entire time, he forgot that part.

A Giant Hole in the Martian Atmosphere Is Venting All Its Water into Space submitted by daskapitalist to science

wig 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

YET! Soon they would if only rich whites were in those orbital locations.

a SHOCKING detail packed video! Watch!

Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association :

That 10 minute video is amazingly detail packed, and what Obama's regime did to invade White Zip Codes is disgusting!

Trump put a temporary end to White genocide, thankfully :

Trump Administration Puts on Hold an Obama-Era Desegregation Effort To Invade White Neighborhoods:

Scientists Find Genetic Reason Why Store-Bought Tomatoes Taste So Bland submitted by daskapitalist to science

wig 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Jose, in the cubicle next to me, emits such a constant odorous stench, that I think Jose is "gas-ripening at work"!