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Here I am again, submitted: 6/23/2019 10:20:17 PM, 13 points (+16|-3)

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Here I am again, submitted: 6/23/2019 10:20:17 PM, 13 points (+16|-3)

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Colin Flaherty: White girl suspended for defending hereself against black attack in gym class. File under: Unbelievable submitted by yiddlerontheroof to videos

whitesilk 3 points 29 points (+32|-3) ago

If your kids are in school with niggers get them into a charter school ASAP.

Civic Nationalism submitted by Armpit_and_Ass to whatever

whitesilk 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

Although the story about American social life is true, that picture is a Jersey milk cow. I have one I raised her from a calf. She comes to the windows at night and watches TV while chewing her cud and she sleeps by the door. Jerseys are small, delicate cows and the produce the most cream of any dairy breed. Because of my cow I have learned to make ice cream, butter, yogurt and 7 kinds of cheese.

This is really happening. submitted by Acen to funny

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That is a really pretty goat. I used to raise Saanen dairy goats. They are pure white and make a lot of milk. So I learned to make feta cheese and mozzarella and ricotta cheeze. Then, made lasagna dinners using tomatoes I grew. Goat fertilizer is naturally pelleted and doesn't have to be composted. Llama wool I spin on a spinning wheel and weave into blankets, although I do not have any llamas. The goats I traded for a little Jersey milk cow. I'll tell you what. Cow milk is a lot better than goat milk. For one, the cream separates and goat milk does not separate. So I can make ice cream, yogurt and butter and seven different kinds of cheese.

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Told my friend his girl had a nose job. submitted by HotFarts69 to whatever

whitesilk 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

I'm sorry to tell the antisemitics here but the Ashkenazi jew that lived in Europe for 1000s of years have the highest average IQs on the planet. Check it for yourselves. And not all of them have giant Schnauzers, thats the Arabic jews.

Apply political correctness to nature and see what happens submitted by antiliberalsociety to whatever

whitesilk 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

^ like^

Black kids beat white kid senseless for wearing Trump hat. He's now hospitalized, undergoing brain scans. submitted by oy_stopthehate to whatever

whitesilk 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

Look. Lots of normies are getting fed up with the black crime rate. They come here and read goats on my recomendation. But it does not help our cause to be saying kike kike kike all the time. Best to win people over using the inate biogogical dislike of white people for black and brownies. Sorry, but anti-semitism turns normies off and they don't read any further.