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Progressive parents horrified when their daughters behave like girls., submitted: 9/8/2019 10:28:44 AM, 286 points (+289|-3)

The cost of being trans., submitted: 11/2/2019 9:08:46 AM, 210 points (+211|-1)

Jew lectures Iranian Australian about the privilege of white girls raped by Muslim rape gangs., submitted: 1/21/2020 1:07:04 AM, 186 points (+186|-0)

View from inside a fire truck in a bushfire., submitted: 1/5/2020 3:49:50 AM, 160 points (+165|-5)

Lightning engulfs volcanic eruption in Chile., submitted: 7/10/2019 12:44:15 PM, 158 points (+162|-4)

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Uppity levels are through the roof. submitted by Splooge to politics

whitemouse 0 points 114 points (+114|-0) ago

Proud of stealing.

Reddit bans "TERFS" (trans exclusionary radical feminist) subreddits to silence female voices. submitted by Sheeitpost to politics

whitemouse 2 points 106 points (+108|-2) ago

Can't paint your face black, but a man can put on a dress, wig, high heels and lipstick and call himself Sapphira and you have to accept he's a woman.


A meeting of commie SJWs goes exactly as you'd expect submitted by user9713 to funny

whitemouse 2 points 88 points (+90|-2) ago

LOL. The men are worse than the women. Please don't make loud noises... and yet they want a war? A silent war will it be?

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The quality of conversation has seriously declined on Voat submitted by SolomonPapermaster to whatever

whitemouse 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

Oh, I wouldn't brag if i were you.

[NSFL] When the time comes, (((they))) must not receive even a shred of mercy for what they've sown. submitted by Splooge to politics

whitemouse 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Thought you didn't like women

Posted in a doctor's office today. Every election year their is a health emergency that will kill us all. submitted by IAMthePie to GreatAwakening

whitemouse 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

So hundreds and hundreds of Italians have to die, not to mention the country under quarantine, just to get at Trump.

And this wasn't posted today. I've seen this at least five times now and I doubt it was posted in a doctor's office, let alone written by a doctor. Doctors are extremely concerned about this virus and would never dare write this shit.

The Q movement will be taken to account for spreading false information and, even more rephrensibly, spreading false assurances.