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Ex-Trump (((Lawyer))) Told Mueller That Trump Is Too Dumb to Testify, submitted: 9/5/2018 11:07:05 AM, -7 points (+1|-8)

Hi. I'm new to Voat. How do I create a new antisemitic subverse?, submitted: 10/9/2020 8:33:05 PM, -5 points (+5|-10)

Start Watching Porn, submitted: 5/2/2018 8:15:32 PM, -4 points (+4|-8)

Guy poops in water while swimming - YouTube, submitted: 8/23/2018 6:53:28 PM, -4 points (+3|-7)

Roll call in Auschwitz. "Where's Shlomo?", submitted: 11/21/2019 2:19:28 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

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Michigan School Fires Popular Teacher For Saying 'Trump Is Our President' submitted by AndWhitesLetItHappen to news

webrustler 0 points 75 points (+75|-0) ago

Sue the shit out of them.

These people hate you, but love being in the country that you built. submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

webrustler 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

Neither peaceful nor a person.

Help us Hitler you're our only hope submitted by Y8goKTH959VCLKty8xIz to whatever

webrustler 0 points 46 points (+46|-0) ago

Someone should tell him that he'll get a puppy head if he does the same thing to his neck.

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Do you support pedophilia? Netflix: No comment submitted by Mr_Quagmire to whatever

webrustler 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Reminds me of this old joke:

A couple gets married. During the wedding night, the husband goes:

"Honey, I've got to confess something. I've never known my real Dad."

She goes, "That's alright my dear, I've got something to confess, too."

"I love you pumpkin, It's gonna be Ok. Just tell me."

"I'm a prostitute."

"Why, that's no problem at all! You'll just visit your church and I'll visit mine."

Looks like "Pedophilia" is too big a word for the diversity hire operating the Twatter acct.

Time is a commodity submitted by webrustler to whatever

webrustler 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

And plenty of them don't know when their time has come until it happens. Could happen to any one of us just like that. Brain aneurysm. Drunk driver. T-Rex. It's not about that. It's about what we choose to do with our lives within a given time span. May it be a day, week, month or year. Disappointing, can't believe I'm having to spell this out.

I want to punch every dude with a man-bun in the fucking head. submitted by Samchay6 to whatever

webrustler 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

He mentioned his hair and his beard but there was a very conspicuous absence of his baalls there.