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Girls make shrine for negroe rapist xxxTentacious (anti white rapper) - gets the right response from aryan chad submitted by SerbianKebab to politics

we_kill_creativity 1 points 159 points (+160|-1) ago

Examples like this can't be upvoted enough. Actual action.

This guy knows submitted by Xantha to whatever

we_kill_creativity 1 points 91 points (+92|-1) ago

The JQ is becoming more openly talked about everywhere. They are losing, we are winning. If you spew despair you're a fucking cock sucking faggot. Their biggest trick was making you think we had to climb over Mt. Everest to win...we just have to get over the hill.

Think about it...they're standing on a pin needle of lies. We're standing on the concrete slab of truth. Who is easier to push over? Why do you think they've always been so paranoid? They had to make us think it was going to be impossible to throw them down, because it was always going to be so easy. Of course they made us think it's impossible...because of course it isn't...because of course the actual truth is it's so fucking easy.

Come on guys. You thinking all is lost is the biggest lie anyone of us has fallen for. What else do you need me to explain to you?

With the revised Covid death numbers released by the CDC, President Trump should demand that all states and municipalities discontinue their asinine mask policies submitted by Titaniumman to news

we_kill_creativity 0 points 87 points (+87|-0) ago

No, actually, he shouldn't. We should. He didn't dictate the mask policies in the first place. Your state and local governments did. This is America. 50 nations, one republic. It's up to us, the individual, locally to stand up for ourselves. Just like I don't need the president to do jack shit for me on a normal day, I don't need him to do jack shit about these masks. I live in Illinois and still haven't worn one.

Went to WalMart Sunday. Walk past the guy outside who asked me "Sir, do you need a mask?" I said "Nope, no thank you." and kept walking. You can do that too..or you need your president to tell you you can do that? I didn't exactly storm the beaches of Normandy when I did that, did I. No one's asking you to do anything particularly manly here, are they? Just don't be a weak bitch and take your fucking masks off. Be a man, and don't beg the president to be your daddy and do it for you. Do it for yourself. how this country works.

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Why are young women so fucking fat these days? submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to fatpeoplehate

we_kill_creativity 25 points -21 points (+4|-25) ago

So you don't think that the combination vaccines, birth control, antibiotics, steroids, and other similar things over long periods of time contribute to the systemic health crisis of obesity in this country? You are actually saying that? Like...for real?

Of course calories in/out is a part of this....duh....everyone already knows that Mr. Obvious.

But to just shrug off the other things the way you did? No...They do matter.

Redpilling people on the tok submitted by Kot88 to HDLunited

we_kill_creativity 14 points -12 points (+2|-14) ago

Fuck tik tok. Stop posting that shit...

EDIT: I LOVE downvotes when I'm right.

Trump just said he's declaring ANTIFA as a terrorist organisation submitted by romanstock to news

we_kill_creativity 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

I bet he not only will prosecute them, but will ultimately have them hung or spend life in prison.

You seem like someone who doesn't understand how to win, has never won, and actually starts to feel uncomfortable when you're team starts to win because it's so unnatural for you.

If I had to guess you're not intelligent enough to understand why justice takes longer than an episode of Law and Order. If you and the other weaklings like you were in charge of this you wold have ended up in prison yourselves before the first month.

You have the political awareness of a retarded pygmy. If I had to guess you're either fat or way to skinny and like to talk like a big guy on the internet because it's the only way you feel more than worthless. That's how you come off to everyone else anyways...