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Sessions wins 52-47. Let the swamp draining begun., submitted: 2/9/2017 12:35:56 AM, 292 points (+294|-2)

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Sessions wins 52-47. Let the swamp draining begun., submitted: 2/9/2017 12:35:56 AM, 292 points (+294|-2)

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"Madeleine McCanns parents lose court appeal to silence cop who claims they covered up daughters death" submitted by lurch91 to pizzagate

unkyshaun 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

They killed her in that villa, 5A. Watch Rich planet(Richard D Hall.) On youtube. 4 hours long but he is the best McCann researher there is.Will answer many questions. Here's the thing. The 2 best cadaver and human secretion dogs came to Spain. They both indicated in the villa, back of McCanns car, car parking spot,etc. The kidnapping was created and fed by Blairs PR man Clarence Mitchell. (Blair is a pedo)He is so connected he got a meeting with the Pope! Maddie is dead, dogs don't lie. Martin Grime used Eddie and Keela. One for cadaver material, one for blood to make it foolproof. The FBI hired Martin and his dogs after the McCann search because they were the best in the world. Around 200 cases, 100% accuracy. When in America, C.Thomas tried to shame Martin when a suspect was released, trotting the McCanns out for another oress conference for sympathy. The dogs indicated on furniture that had been moved from the murder location and cops were too dumb to make the connection. The guy later admitted to the murder and verified the dogs indications. 100% record intact but no media conference by Thomas??? And the really sick her book Kate said "it's awful to think of them tearing at her perfect genitalia" referring to "kidnappers". Take out "awful" and she's telling the truth for once. Question is : were they raping her alive, dead or both? She met with Clement Freud and ge took her in. Pedophile takes her in? The Podesta brothers talk about their friend Clem in Potugal. Clement Freud.

RIP Hampstead Researcher/Activist Aaron Dover Dead Aged 42 submitted by ListenUp to pizzagate

unkyshaun 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

Man i am so inspired by you and the replies above and below. All my immediate family are dead apart from my parents. When it's only me left, i will be a man with nothing left to lose. Mark my words i will take as many of these subhumans down as i can, and will happily give my life for this cause.

FBI Insider Exclusive - 33% of U.S. Government In A Pedo Ring submitted by wankatanka to pizzagate

unkyshaun 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Pedogater from Australia here. I have communicated with peeps from all points of the globe. This is global make no mistake. Global pedophilia needs a global takedown. Proud of all if my fellow fighters for truth.

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Breaking!!! Promised today (Monday 2/6/17) on InfoWars: "Washington insider Doug Hagmann reveals the ongoing war against pedophile rings in DC. Tune in!" submitted by Scirel to pizzagate

unkyshaun 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago

I hate to break it to you but i would be 95% certain Maddie is dead. When will people realise AJ is controlled opposition?? I asked David Shurter, victim of SRA. He has had personal contact with AJ and he doesn't give two fucks about victims, i assure you. David has as much if not more insight than anyone on voat.

HOLY SHIT!!! Police keeping David Seaman safe. Shits going down. submitted by Shepyd to pizzagate

unkyshaun 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

When you have been outed as a shill so many times, but were genuine wouldn't you be a little peeved and try to prove it. I don't think you comprehended my comment. He WAS going on the comedy show, announcing it for days on end. He saw the backlash and caved. Exactly the same comments you made above were made to him as in 'don't you dare destroy this'. Either very stupid or very manipulative. He has been outed as a shill for a while now. To believe he didn't think he had to provide simple proof, man that's naive.he's got you covered, not me. Ignore someone jeopardising so much UNPAID hard work by so many genuine people?? Zero chance. Save your advice for Semen champ. I'll ignore you instead, you're irrelevant.

#chickenlovers confirmed pedophile code submitted by bFuddlez to pizzagate

unkyshaun 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Trial? Only trial should be here comes a speeding bullet; if you catch it with your bare hands you're free.If not consider justice served.