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I'll be the first to go!, submitted: 8/1/2015 12:50:20 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

/v/stolenfromreddit For shameless reposts you found "over there", submitted: 8/1/2015 12:54:15 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

It's a friday night, I've got a little extra cash. Guess what I'm doing! (Someone come get long distance drunk with me!!), submitted: 8/29/2015 6:25:47 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Oh wow I fucked up..., submitted: 9/13/2015 12:35:21 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

Introducing your new mod., submitted: 9/15/2015 9:48:12 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

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List of Subreddits to go private over IAMAgate submitted by Rainy-Day-Dream to MeanwhileOnReddit

Tipman79 0 points 99 points (+99|-0) ago

Prediction time. Within 24 hours every single one of the default subs is forcefully opened back up by the admins. Mods are removed. And both of these actions are stoutly denied by the admins.

New admin /u/808sandhotcakes, who replaced Victoria from AMA, is a diversity hire who is unprofessional and complains about "mansplaining" submitted by SarMegahhikkitha to MeanwhileOnReddit

Tipman79 0 points 84 points (+84|-0) ago

This is awesome. They pander and pander to SJWs and even though they do, the SJWs are now starting to turn on them. This is lovely to see.

Am I taking crazy pills? submitted by VicariousJambi to AskVoat

Tipman79 0 points 83 points (+83|-0) ago

youtube comments

I'm gonna have to ask you to tone it down on the profanity. Language like this is highly offensive.

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My position on doxxing and harassment submitted by Atko to announcements

Tipman79 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

Well it would seem Mick is gone. That's like what? 50 percent of Voats entertainment value gone? Well, until Toucan gets SBBH going again.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care submitted by Banned4Truth to whatever

Tipman79 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

Stumbled on

Says the month old account LMAO!