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Regal Cinemas announces bag checking policy before admission due to recent shootings, many believe this is the company's excuse to regulate snacks brought in submitted by BillShakespeare to news

tictac 0 points 149 points (+149|-0) ago

"Oh noes! Don't check my bag!"

...Says the guy with two .45s duct-taped under his arms and 3 extra magazines tucked under his balls.

This is really about getting you to buy $4 candy bars. But I must admit, it is a hilarious way to exploit the terrible murders of innocent people for profits! Pretty funny, huh? Isn't it? Oh, you corporate jokesters!

Hey -- why isn't anybody laughing? Maybe it isn't so funny. Maybe this revenue scheme disguised as an ineffective security policy is kind of sick and craven of them.

deleted by user submitted by SportyStrawberry to MeanwhileOnReddit

tictac 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

How much is the board of directors paying Steve Huffman to pretend that he's in charge of Reddit?

Confederate flag supporter dies after rally when 'car full of jeering African American men forced him off the road' submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to news

tictac 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

Tonight on FoxNews:

"Black crowd murders 'rebel flag' supporter in cold blood. Free speech rights violated in savage attack."

Tonight on MSNBC:

"Black man killed in the south because of 'rebel flag' dispute. This is why we need more gun control."

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What is the big deal about Voat? (Not trying to argue) submitted by xzedsdead to AskVoat

tictac 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I'm glad you bring up this great feature that Voat has brought here from Reddit: You make your own sub, and it can even be exclusionary:

  • A transgender issues sub can ban anyone who isn't actually transgender (or in transition) in order to make an insular niche for "inside discussion" without interference.

  • Alternatively, a rape survivor's sub could allow anyone to join, but put ton of constraints on participation.

  • A "/v/lawyers/" sub can be set "private" and just for actual verified lawyers so they can keep the talk at an "industry level of discussion," and yet someone can still make another sub like "/v/law/" open to both the public and lawyers alike.

  • A zany sub like "/v/CharlieKelleyIsGod/" can have a rule that says "You can criticize any character from 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' as long as your criticism doesn't extend to Charlie 'The Wildcard' Kelley." Any criticism of Charlie may result in a permanent ban ... or maybe not ... maybe you are made a mod instead ... because 'Wildcard, bitches!'"

  • Meanwhile, a sub like /v/affirmativeactiontoday/ can ban people who speak out against affirmative action, or it can stay open for all points of view.

It all just depends on what the mods/creators of that subverse intend to do with it (see below). It is really one of the core values that once made Reddit great, and I'm sad to see Reddit abandoning so many of its core principles.

This policy of "everyone sets their own rules for their subverses" still exists here - a policy that Reddit claims to still endorse, but has actually abandoned. It is a policy that allows not only diverse discussion, but diverse discussion formats. This means the KKK can come here and make a Klan sub. The KKK is also allowed to meet in real life, and exclude people from their meetings. It is just like real life.

I guess that's the main issue. It is just like real life, and real life isn't a pretty place that is custom made to cushion a single individual against having their feelings hurt. Some people are outraged by mean spirited discussion groups existing. Some people aren't ready for such a sub (like /v/kkk/ or /v/fatpeoplehate/) to even exist in a server rack on some hard drive somewhere. But such groups of people do get together, and they do exist in real life. I think if someone isn't ready for a "mean" discussion forum to exist on the internet, then that person just isn'e ready for real life.

Regarding: "It all just depends on what the mods/creators of that subverse intend to do with it."

Many of the subverses I mention above are hypothetical and don't exist, but they could. Anyone can create one - and if you see a sub you don't like, you can create a new sub to counter the things you don't like "/v/KKKHate/" (which would be a confusing title, but hey, there's always "/v/trees/" (and it's cousin "/r/trees/")!) Go ahead, and create a sub!

It's a snap to create a subverse, and you can basically rent a room for online discussion (for $0 in rent) and set up an agenda/topic and rules and say "Here is an area of discussion - have at it you marvelous bastards!" Then people from across the globe can stroll in at all times of the day and night and have discussions within parameters that you can define (or leave open and undefined).

Do you like puppies with spots? Building robots out of kitchen appliances? Reading Greek Classical literature? Drawing pictures of dinosaurs? Insulting random hippies? Reading Doctor Who fanfics? Looking at nude women with large nipples? Make a sub, and set some rules, and if others become interested then you've just made your own cool club to celebrate what you like. It still pretty much works like that here at Voat. It is truly that awesome!

New Zealand makes internet trolling illegal submitted by DizzyBeane to DigitalWatch

tictac 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Now it seems she was just doing the bidding of that site's board of directors. They replaced her with Huffman, and he pledged to bring happiness and rainbows back to their troubled site. But he's immediately going back on his word (he just re-shadowbanned the users he so proudly un-shadowbanned just a couple of days ago).

All along, it seems the board only hired her to implement repulsive policies they wanted in place, and to take the heat for it. I'm sure she walked away with a few $Million.

In the end it was always just the board of directors -- she is actually a hired troll.

UK to ban encrypted messenger services to combat the specter of ISIS submitted by satleab to news

tictac 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yep. They just go from one hyped up boogeyman group to another, scaring people into submission:

Chinese immigrants ... then black people who smoke reefer and have sex with our pure white women ... then immigrants form Ireland and eastern Europe ... then communists ... then immigrants in general ... then pedos ... then Mexicans ... and now it's Muslim terror groups.

"Every Jekyll needs a Hyde to blame their business on." - Adam Ant