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CNN host screams at Navy SEAL for not trusting CNN reporters (video) submitted by Joker68 to politics

tgoods44 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

'oh? but look... all these other media companies owned by the same people say the same thing...'

wait, did you name an actual source in there?

The Obama 'Recovery': Number Of Millennials Living At Home With Mom Reaches 75-Year High submitted by Free_Radical to news

tgoods44 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago

This is more a rant really….

I think this statistic is very meaningful. I thought the article was rather biased and seemed to ignore many realities that are listed below.

It's tiring being patronized by the previous generation telling us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. They had how many years of better fiscal policy, a stable currency, and steady predictable growth everywhere? Difference I see now is every single corporation running services for us (jail, medicine, education... the list goes on) has figured out how to maximize profit. Most of the profit maximization comes through regulatory means, not by creating a product or service people are willing to pay for. Look at the health care industry and how insane that is. Does anyone think it's moral to charge these kinds of prices for people to be healthy (not to mention constant rhetoric from employers etc. about how important it is to be healthy)? Does a CEO who shops at Wal-Mart deserve better health care than the people working there? Do people have any control over how much they will pay when they go to the doctor? It seems like you either are too poor (or good at hiding your money), to the point where you aren't paying for these services but still using them. Others must then subsidize said services. The opposite of that, is you are a responsible person and they shake you down. Either way these companies are killing it (getting rich and not sharing it, as proven by America’s income disparity – the whole 1% thing). Mandatory health insurance is just called a tax. I still have to pay for all those services when I go to get checked on, so what did insurance do? Did it really help me? It probably did in the immediate short-term, but I think we all agree that they are running the long game to fix prices and increase profits.

My point is, everything has gotten so expensive in conjunction with the buying power of the dollar has halved since 1990. Taxes are more than they've ever been, especially for the middle class. I'm anecdotal evidence of a 30 year old making 100k who has to pay 40k+ for taxes (when you lump it all together). I work hard as shit for my money and uncle sam takes it and just uses it to spy on me, fight wars I don't agree with, and enrich those who are scamming the system somehow. It saddens me that every time I go to the doctor, I’ve probably already paid for this services twice over (through the insurance companies scam and the fact that there is a large portion of US’s GDP going towards healthcare).

In Milwaukee County, my taxes just went up 15.4% this year on a property I own (I’m just starting out, I’m not really making much on this property). How do I come up with an extra $1,400 this year on top of already substantial property taxes. What am I going to do next year? Thanks Milwaukee Bucks for building a new stadium nobody cares about and forcing me to pay for it. The worst part is… I’m not even mostly angry about how all these services etc. are costing the tax payer more. I’m not mad about paying my income to provide a safety net for those in need in America. I’m not saying I’m some mega genius either who fully realizes every truth about this world (how horrible people with unchecked power can be). The worst part of it all is that I know most of my tax money is being wasted on corrupt garbage (such as Obama paying a ransom payment for his buddy using my money).

“Hey mom, can I move back home?”

Account Deleted By User submitted by GoatyMcGoatface to Showerthoughts

tgoods44 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

Healthcare is a scam to get your savings out of you before you die, ensuring your kids will have to work their entire lives to fall into the same trap.

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Netflix Greenlights Dear White People Season 2 submitted by JJNova to whatever

tgoods44 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago

I have to say the same, I enjoyed the show.

I hate all the racial issues etc. (I'm just over it, even though it's being blasted in our society harder than ever). I think they did a decent job in the show of showing both sides, even though one side was clearly more pronounced and in your face. I will say though, there was a part where a (minor spoiler alert) white dude was trying to date this chick and go with the flow. In the show there is some black to white racism which forces their relationship to weird places etc.

I just don't think the show is as "bad" as everyone thinks, and it seems petty to cancel the only service (maybe) in town which still isn't showing commercials. To me, not wasting my time is a much larger factor. You can have Netflix and not watch that show, but why crucify Netflix for 1 (perhaps more) show when largely everything manufactured on TV for the last how many years has been attempting to mold our culture?

Know your customer fail - Budweiser pro-immigrant commercial ready for Superbowl submitted by lettersofmarque to whatever

tgoods44 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

They are all owned by the same people at this point yes?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored to have Emperor Edition with 256 GB of storage submitted by lechers to android

tgoods44 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I almost got excited...

Then I remembered they intentionally wont use expandable memory and removable batteries. Forced on you yet still is their sloppy battery draining bloatware that allows them further profit by selling everything they can about you to whomever will buy.

I really honestly don't understand flagship phones at this point.