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No one ever said it wasn't okay to be white., submitted: 11/10/2017 4:57:14 AM, 96 points (+97|-1)

Stop resisting!, submitted: 9/21/2017 1:40:17 AM, 84 points (+108|-24)

The "Impossible" Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash, submitted: 9/13/2017 12:30:23 AM, 37 points (+38|-1)

Decentralized Internet, submitted: 11/8/2017 4:39:53 PM, 32 points (+32|-0)

Alternative VIdeo Host, submitted: 12/10/2016 12:31:06 AM, 31 points (+31|-0)

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The original Everquest had a massive, game-breaking exploit that let you steal other people's loot., submitted: 11/19/2017 6:43:46 AM, -8 points (+1|-9)

How I Remineralized my Tooth Cavities Without Dentistry, submitted: 10/16/2017 8:09:22 AM, -6 points (+1|-7)

11 Reasons Linux Sucks, submitted: 10/25/2017 5:21:30 PM, -5 points (+3|-8)

The original Everquest had a massive, game-breaking exploit that let you steal other people's loot., submitted: 11/19/2017 6:44:37 AM, -5 points (+2|-7)

Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis., submitted: 10/26/2017 7:20:15 AM, -4 points (+1|-5)

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Jealous Middle Aged Fat submitted by shitpixie to fatpeoplehate

tarnished_spoons 1 points 62 points (+63|-1) ago

She's got the hots for the your coach and doesn't like that he was checking you out more than her.

Account Deleted By User submitted by jewshekelstein1488 to news

tarnished_spoons 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

Let them starve. Anyone stupid enough to go back deserves what they get.

Study: A LOT Of Young People Think Compliments, Drink Invites Are Forms Of Rape submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

tarnished_spoons 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago

The point is to make it so risky to find a partner that you become unwilling to. In 100 years, there just won't be any white children.

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>when leftists make comics submitted by stonetoss to funny

tarnished_spoons 32 points -25 points (+7|-32) ago

The red scare was unjustified as well. There's nothing inherently wrong about being a communist, you're just wrong.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Kekfashy to Identitarian

tarnished_spoons 17 points -16 points (+1|-17) ago

You all are just salty that he's being prepared for the real world like you weren't. You were told that if you were a good boy and stayed a virgin then you'd find true love and live happily ever after. What you got was a couple of divorces and financial ruin. He's going to have tons of pussy (and kids), and you're going to pay for it.