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They Live On Tumblr, submitted: 2/25/2016 4:29:00 AM, 306 points (+316|-10)

KB 3035583, submitted: 4/8/2016 2:52:26 AM, 187 points (+197|-10)

Well crap., submitted: 11/5/2016 2:43:28 PM, 120 points (+124|-4)

Low grades are discriminatory., submitted: 10/25/2017 7:54:35 AM, 89 points (+97|-8)

Jarvis pressed the wrong button., submitted: 9/2/2016 11:46:20 AM, 81 points (+84|-3)

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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, but you also score 100% of the shots you don't take., submitted: 8/5/2015 10:14:19 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

What's going on?, submitted: 8/19/2015 9:35:40 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

'Third time lucky' but 'bad things come in threes', submitted: 7/26/2015 12:16:26 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

The PaulWay Mixes - 135+ hours of awesome electronic music., submitted: 10/18/2016 12:53:42 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

wxSocketEvent not being sent while modal dialog is open, submitted: 10/26/2016 7:50:50 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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NSF grants $345,019 To Make Computers With Gender Sensitive Designs submitted by hi5enigma to technology

tame 0 points 184 points (+184|-0) ago

The women complaining that computers are designed to be man-friendly and hostile to women are not the women who work with computers. Trust me on this one.

There's a batch file which uninstalls Windows 7&8 telemetry updates submitted by dalek_caan to technology

tame 2 points 111 points (+113|-2) ago

So while we're liberally applying the tinfoil (and I've been going through and removing these updates myself so I'm not throwing stones here) - should we discuss the wisdom of cutting and pasting some executable code off the internet and running it just because the header says it uninstalls telemetry updates?

I mean yeah, the batch file goes through and uninstalls a bunch of updates. All it takes is for one of those updates to be a patch for a well known remote execution exploit instead of a telemetry patch, and wahey you've joined a botnet.

Fighting back the privacy invasion: Generating fake data. submitted by roznak to technology

tame 1 points 104 points (+105|-1) ago

It was not a large office, but it was quite spy-proof and quite undetectably so. Spy-beams trained upon it received neither a suspicious silence nor an even more suspicious static. They received, rather, a conversation constructed at random out of a vast stock of innocuous phrases in various tones and voices.

Isaac Asimov, Foundation

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Apple under pressure as lawyers pledge class action over 'Error 53' codes; Show me where, in consumer law, the vendor has the right to render inoperable the hardware you just bought, submitted by Ilikebordercollies to technology

tame 16 points -8 points (+8|-16) ago

Oh fucksake. This isn't "the vendor rendering inoperable the hardware you just bought", this is the phone securing itself against a (possibly compromised) piece of authentication hardware. It's like a car immobilizer stopping the engine from starting after you jimmy the door locks.

Imagine if it DIDN'T lock down? You could simply plug in a piece of hardware that reported a valid fingerprint scan, and unlock any iPhone instantly.

10 miles submitted by CervicalStrike to funny

tame 10 points -7 points (+3|-10) ago

That's retarded. If she'd been steady with one guy in college, it'd still be 10 miles of dick, it's just have been mostly the same dick.

Almost nobody you fuck is going to be a virgin. The person you marry is certainly not going to be a virgin. And this won't be an issue for you... unless you're a virgin.

Could Humans Outside Of Our Species Still Walk The Earth? submitted by Maxcactus to science

tame 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

If you define "outside of our species" as "animals of a type that can't/don't interbreed with humans" then there are plenty:

  • Gay male couples
  • Japanese 'hikikomori'
  • Socially incapable or physically unmateable people
  • Voluntary asexuals

The definitions get fuzzy when talking about infertile members that would otherwise be able to breed, though.

Edit: Wow, you guys really don't know what the word 'species' means, do you?