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Doesn't the 'fake news' narrative scare the shit out of you guys? submitted by MMW to pizzagate

superesper 0 points 77 points (+77|-0) ago

No. It's the death throes of a mainstream media that has been state controlled for decades and has lost so much of it's audience that it's becoming completely irrelevant. A media that just spent it's last tiny bit of credibility on trying to install a satanic pedophillic whore in the White House, and despite this monolithic, unified effort, lost the battle to youtubers, chan users, plebbitors, and regular people in general. The only people who will buy the "fake news" narrative are the ones who are already getting their information from the mainstream anyway, the people who are so completely soulless and devoid of personal agency, the ability to think critically, and the strength to face information that might force them to change their ideas, that they would refuse to change their views even if you showed them hours of video of politicians chopping up kids with meat cleavers.

This is just a desperate attempt to keep the retarded on the farm for a bit longer. Everyone who matters left long ago. We, the people who support and consume the "fake news", have been called racists, sexists, nazis, "consrpiacy nuts", crazy, stupid, monsters of every kind, for years. We don't give a shit if Rupert Murdoch calls us names and says our news sucks. Viewership of major news networks is astonishingly low, likewise for readership of major papers, and it only keeps dropping.

If it took you this long to realize reddit sucks and come to voat, you're a retard and you should go back submitted by EdSnowden to whatever

superesper 0 points 76 points (+76|-0) ago

Let's take a look at what our new friends are like why don't we?

Redditor Ohsnapyougotserved, Jew mod of T_D on reddit who instated the "No racism. No anti-semitism." rule you can see in their sidebar, is now /u/ohsnapyougotserved here on Voat, and the founder and moderator of /v/ThePedes. WELCOME SHLOMO! And Mazel Tov on your continued reign of control over your horde of useful idiots! Voat loves Zionist power mods. You'll fit right in!

5 minutes after making his account, user /u/DonaldTrump_45 goes on established sub /v/TheDonald, modded by veteran Voater /u/Arotaes_Forgehammer, and makes a post telling everyone that it's not the real Trump subverse and they need to go to /v/thepedes instead: No posts or comments before or since. Just dropping in to let all you people who have been on Voat for years what's official and what's not. :) Thank him later. He's a busy man.

Shitposting low IQ dummy /u/fffhh, who's already achieved -18 CCP just by being his charming self, openly encouraging shitting up Voat with meaningless garbage, bringing out that good old fashioned, condescending, WACISM concern trolling we all remember so fondly from reddit and generally just being the kind worthless retard who made reddit the special place that it is

/u/Zannyth, a user with the IQ of the average youtube commenter (lol what's with these CCP rules? It's like they're designed to stop brigading by idiots like me.. LOL WTF XDDDD???? ) saying that Zionist T_D mod Ohsnapyougotserved "always seemed to lead TD right though", and proclaiming that our new friends have no obligation to respect Voat and its existing culture

/u/la_couleur_du_ble - "opposing zionism? Not on my watch! FUCK YOU!!! GROUP THINK FTW!"

And /u/lostinsafespace, a 1 year old account with no activity until today, openly gloating about how /v/ThePedes will now destroy and replace genuine Voat culture and there's nothing actual Voaters can do about it: every other one of his comments is him accusing actual voaters of being "the real invaders", typical jew tactics, etc..

It's a tsunami of cancer.

Edit: If I had to guess, I would say this was timed to simultaneously distract both Reddit T_D, and all of Voat, from the Seth Rich story.

Edit: Archives courtesy of /u/collegetoker

DonaldTrump_45 lostinsafespace fffhh Zannyth la_couleur_du_ble

Account Deleted By User submitted by 0x4F to whatever

superesper 1 points 69 points (+70|-1) ago

Morgan Freeman seems like a generally real dude:

"How are we gonna get rid of racism then?"


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This is the final surface image from NASA's Spirit rover (MER-2) captured March 1, 2010. All communication ceased 3 weeks later. submitted by Some_Guy_from_RI to space

superesper 14 points -12 points (+2|-14) ago

The continents are completely different sizes in the images. Note the one in which mexico takes up 1/8 of the surface of the earth. And no, if you look into it, these images were sold as single images by NASA, not composites.




That line may be helping you with your cognitive dissonance, but realize, it's not an effective propaganda tool / trigger-word anymore. Turns out once people realize all the CONSPIRATHEES are true, no one really cares about your buzzword anymore. Sorry bud.

This is the final surface image from NASA's Spirit rover (MER-2) captured March 1, 2010. All communication ceased 3 weeks later. submitted by Some_Guy_from_RI to space

superesper 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

Wow, you're really able to cinvince yourself that a house is not a house when it's right in front of your face. That's amazing. go draw a little US shape on a ball and then look at it from below the equator. Post pics replicating this 5x magnification of the land area.