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Your corrupt government at work: ISPs who dont want competition get good news from FCC chair, submitted: 2/26/2017 4:00:17 AM, 10 points (+12|-2)

Does Mitch McConnell think no one will notice his hypocrisy?, submitted: 1/8/2017 10:37:37 PM, 9 points (+10|-1)

After meeting with pharma lobbyists, Trump drops promise to negotiate drug prices, submitted: 1/31/2017 6:04:13 PM, 9 points (+9|-0)

10... 9.... 8.... Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity, submitted: 3/30/2017 10:50:20 PM, 8 points (+11|-3)

"Real news", submitted: 2/5/2017 11:24:51 PM, 7 points (+11|-4)

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Idiot in chief proposes a law thats existed for 20 years, submitted: 6/22/2017 8:33:29 PM, -31 points (+2|-33)

It turns out having a batshit moron in the White House is bad for the tourism industry, submitted: 4/3/2017 3:56:24 AM, -22 points (+2|-24)

2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever., submitted: 3/20/2017 5:33:06 PM, -19 points (+5|-24)

Trump's Lies, so far, submitted: 6/24/2017 4:53:13 AM, -19 points (+2|-21)

Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Donald Trump impeached, finds survey, submitted: 6/28/2017 2:52:27 PM, -19 points (+2|-21)

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U.S. launches missiles at Syrian base after chemical weapons attack submitted by Joker68 to news

split 4 points 15 points (+19|-4) ago

It's like a weekend golfing

HISTORIC: Mike Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote to Confirm Betsy DeVos For Secretary of Education submitted by Joker68 to politics

split 6 points 14 points (+20|-6) ago

THIS. Putting a theocrat in charge of education is absurd and dangerous. We're getting enough rogue shit from Texas trying to teach creationism in science classes every goddamn year.. I would be willing to give her a chance if she had even the tiniest bit of administrative experience or even a shred of a clue about the most fundamental issues facing the department. She was uninformed and hilariously unprepared for her hearings and the fact that she knew her giant campaign contributions virtually guaranteed her this seat is exactly what's wrong with America. Pure corruption, plain and simple. Her nomination was an insult to the American people.

Account Deleted By User submitted by BUTTHOLE_EMPRESS to whatever

split 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago

This is voat so I literally can't tell if you're kidding

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Breaking: Trump Bans CNN, NYT, and BuzzFeed From Press Briefings submitted by Empress to news

split 95 points -80 points (+15|-95) ago

Yeah, this isn't at all like a fucking dictatorship. You idiots like it when it's your side doing it, but this is what fascism looks like, red or blue.

Account Deleted By User submitted by TXRunningMan to news

split 43 points -35 points (+8|-43) ago

No, he'll watch the highlights from the Correspondents' dinner on Fox and then whine about it on twitter like a big fucking orange coward pussy. Sad!

Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning submitted by leahbettsisdead to news

split 35 points -33 points (+2|-35) ago

Seriously, this is your response to this? After two weeks in which it's become crystal clear that the Russians have compromising material on Trump? When Trump could silence the entire world by releasing his tax returns and yet refuses to? Obama's actions are completely explainable in human terms, i.e. Manning was tried in a court and found guilty, and served time for what she considered an act of patriotism. What is not explainable to any degree is why Trump won't say anything negative about Putin and wouldn't even accept the conclusions of every intelligence agency and literally every other politician in America. You're so willing to ascribe nefarious motives to your opponent and yet completely blind to the corruption of Donald Trump.

You think Obama is afraid of Assange? This whole website is a bunch of deluded morons saying "good job, I agree" to other deluded morons